Monday, October 27, 2014

Tired but I can't give up

You and me, 
We're under the same sky but we can't meet

Ladies and gentlemen, I am officially back on the k-Pop bandwagon and I think that I may have found someone to obsess over while my precious Park Bom takes a break from the cruel K-netizen world.

This is JinHwan and I do believe that his group iKon will be even bigger than Big Bang and 2NE1 *fan girling*. To understand the GIF, you need to go on YouTube and look for 'Who Is Next' and 'Mix & Match'. It's very addictive and filled with lots of pretty boys, but JinHwan is the best. :) HE IS PERFECT!!!

Feeling emo, feeling a little out of place. Who would have thought that watching young boys chase after their dream would trigger a panic in me - reminding me that I must live everyday rejecting a comfortable life, because only through hardwork and pain can you truly grow. And I want to grow! 

I bet my all, there is no next time. 


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