Thursday, November 27, 2014

Should I quit my job?

I am slowly learning to accept my quirks and eccentricities, especially when it comes to how serious I take my job and my responsibility in taking care of people I work with. Wewo says that no matter where I work, my own internal pressure will always spur me forward to overwork myself because I can't help it - I can't help pushing boundaries and asking for more.

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I used to think that I was wrong, and that I always take things just a little bit too seriously.

But now I think that it's alright to be this way. To demand a little bit more.  To always worry and be afraid, and then turn it into something beautiful.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Let these memories turn into songs

I just celebrated my anniversary last Friday. It's kind of a big deal because I've never been married for two years before.

Hubby Wewo asked me what I would do if he wasn't around (choy touch wood). Without skipping a beat, I told him that I would wait twenty years and then go out with Kim Jinhwan.

On a more personal note,

1. These days I like to listen to the 'Mix and Match' version of 'Eyes, Nose, Lips' on my drive home from work  
2. My hair is pink/red now but it's not the final colour so I'm not sure if I want to brag about it yet
3. My blood pressure is very low these days and no one can tell me how to bring it up
4. Maybe I should start with sleeping before 1am? 

OK I will go to bed now. Good night, iKON fans! 

Get ready? Sleeptime! 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

OK, bye Internet, off to work hard on winning at life again

CEO Yang’s Instructions

1. Before becoming a singer, become a human first.
- All of the trainees should greet anyone who is older than them including YG artists and staff with a 90 degree bow and loud voice.

2. YG can make a gem shine but doesn’t have the ability to make a stone shine.
- Will you be a gem or stone? This will only be possible through your blood and sweat of effort. Don’t forget that you’re trainees with only potential at the moment at 5 points [out of 100] and don’t forget to use one hour of practice to the fullest like it’s ten hours worth. At the end of the month, all of the trainees will be reviewed so always be on alert.
Those who are lacking in effort or potential will be sent home.

Source: Song Baek Kyung’s Facebook; Translated by Jane, from the awesome tumblr squinty chipmunk - who is also making me consider starting a Kim Jinhwan Malaysia Fan Club, like, seriously 


Changes in Pam's life so far

1. I really, really, really like Kim Jinhwan and iKON
2. I haven't been sleeping well - only 3-4 hours every night with many worries and ideas in my head
3. There's a lot of work to be done
4. Struggling to sleep early and wake up early
5. I am into ear rings and hip-hop these days
6. I know it's the 8th of November, still not sure if I should hop on Nanowrimo
7. My hair colour is going to change soon. I do not suit being just a brunette after all. 

Yes, I use everything in my life to motivate me to do better - even kPop. These days I have the feeling of wanting to act better, dress better and be more successful (so noona can continue to buy iKON's albums and songs on iTunes)- to be someone who will stand in front of Jinhwan and have him think, "Wow, this fan is cool."

These are the kinds of things that drive me to improve myself, which is kind of weird, considering that other people my age are thinking about supporting their family, succeeding for wealth and power, driving big cars, etc.

I think I am lucky to be sheltered and safe; I think that I have a lot of ways to improve still, and am still stuck at potential number 5 out of 100. Let's work hard! 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Hello blog readers of Pam Writes a Blog! I am the #1 reason why Pam has been on a hiatus from writing. My name is Kim Jinhwan, born in 1994 and am about to debut as a member of the Best Group in the World - iKON (yes, we'll be even bigger than 2NE1 and Big Bang according to Pam, who says that she will still support her love for Park Bom forever and ever). 

Recently, Pam has been busy educating Wewo on all things iKON (first you need to go on YouTube and watch MNet's Who Is Next, followed by MNet's Mix and Match) and after two weeks of intensive training, Pam's Wewo is also now an iKON fan. Everyday, all they talk about is iKON. Pam likes Jinhwan (nickname:Jinan) and Wewo likes JunHwe (nickname:The Conqueror June). 

Please watch out for me and support me as much as Pam does! She says that when she is 70, she will travel to Korea and come date me as her boy toy. Let's be friends! 

Also, just in case you guys want to see what he's like performing:

This are is left blank on purpose