Thursday, November 6, 2014

Hello blog readers of Pam Writes a Blog! I am the #1 reason why Pam has been on a hiatus from writing. My name is Kim Jinhwan, born in 1994 and am about to debut as a member of the Best Group in the World - iKON (yes, we'll be even bigger than 2NE1 and Big Bang according to Pam, who says that she will still support her love for Park Bom forever and ever). 

Recently, Pam has been busy educating Wewo on all things iKON (first you need to go on YouTube and watch MNet's Who Is Next, followed by MNet's Mix and Match) and after two weeks of intensive training, Pam's Wewo is also now an iKON fan. Everyday, all they talk about is iKON. Pam likes Jinhwan (nickname:Jinan) and Wewo likes JunHwe (nickname:The Conqueror June). 

Please watch out for me and support me as much as Pam does! She says that when she is 70, she will travel to Korea and come date me as her boy toy. Let's be friends! 

Also, just in case you guys want to see what he's like performing:


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