Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Let these memories turn into songs

I just celebrated my anniversary last Friday. It's kind of a big deal because I've never been married for two years before.

Hubby Wewo asked me what I would do if he wasn't around (choy touch wood). Without skipping a beat, I told him that I would wait twenty years and then go out with Kim Jinhwan.

On a more personal note,

1. These days I like to listen to the 'Mix and Match' version of 'Eyes, Nose, Lips' on my drive home from work  
2. My hair is pink/red now but it's not the final colour so I'm not sure if I want to brag about it yet
3. My blood pressure is very low these days and no one can tell me how to bring it up
4. Maybe I should start with sleeping before 1am? 

OK I will go to bed now. Good night, iKON fans! 

Get ready? Sleeptime! 


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