Wednesday, December 17, 2014

boys who hit girls suck

Last month, I literally tired myself out that I now have to eat Vitamin B and iron pills everyday to keep myself going. This is also the year where I hardly had time to blog and yet somehow you guys keep coming back to visit me - 14,000 readers per month! That's crazy! You guys are crazy!

So I am going to take a good look at my lifestyle and see if there's anyway that I can make blogging on a daily basis happen again.

In the meantime, I am writing at my iMac with a heavy heart tonight as I am literally watching my childhood friend's life fall apart and there is literally nothing I can do because she has shut us all out and pushed us away.

I cannot help thinking that while I am busy thinking about cute Korean boys, playing LINE pop and snuggling with my family; my friend who grew up in the EXACT SAME environment as I did, who had better emotional support and better job prospects and better education is literally putting herself through hell - all for a man she does not love and does not love her back.

OK, I know y'all are probably going, "This Pam is so drama" but the reality is that in one month, my friend might not be alive anymore as she is caught in a very abusive relationship. The kind that involves hospitals and police reports.

If you have any experience in dealing with this, please leave your advise in the comment because any effective help at this point will be great.

I think it would be nice that even if only one of you reads this, I hope you know that if you're happy at this moment, it's your decision.

If you're sad at this moment, it's your decision.

You make the choices in life that has lead you to this point in your life.

Choose humour. Choose to be happy. Choose to do the best for yourself. You have value, you know?

I wish everyone in this world could just be happy.


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