Wednesday, December 16, 2015


I never thought I'd be the kind of person who would take 630am meetings, manage a household, love a husband and still have time for silly dogs and dear friends.

But here I am thinking that I am well, I am well and I'd rather die working hard and doing my best every day, having as much fun as I can on my own terms than to live an ordinary life.

Also, watch ONE PUNCH MAN!!!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Thinking of buying a playsuit? (So easy! How to return stuff to Zalora)

Hello fashion people!

Here is a very important tip that I learned recently from my young graphic designer - you can actually return stuff to Zalora! Since I have known about this, I have been purchasing an item every other month (and we all know that Pam only buys in bulk) so I usually have large packets delivered to the office. Imagine online shopping and not having to worry that the item you buy is the wrong size or looks frumpy on you - it is AMAZING and has led me to enjoy good fashion choices without it being expensive. 

I highly recommend buying from Zalora and instead of bragging about the discounts and free delivery, I thought I'd tell you about how easy it is to return stuff:

I just received this package yesterday. I wanted to buy a playsuit, but lately my thighs and tummy are much too juicy... 

DON'T CUT OPEN YOUR ZALORA BAG, no matter how excited you are. Flip it around and you will read that it is a reusable bag. I actually cut one bag open once (before I knew you could return stuff), so I had to use a lot of cellophane tape to stick everything together.

Open along the perforated lines. Or you could use a scissor along those lines. 

In the bag with your purchase is a thank you envelope. Do not throw this away!

The envelope will contain a letter on how to return your item to Zalora. 

On the other side of the paper is the tax invoice, which is very, very important. 

You need to tick the item that you are returning and specify why you are returning it. I often just say that it doesn't look good on me. :( 

A POSLAJU slip will also be included in the bag, so just fill in your own details - everything else has already been entered for you. 

Wrap your clothing up neatly and then seal the bag with the tax invoice paper. How cool is this bag! 

Next, drop it off at the Poslaju counter. It's already prepaid, so you don't have to pay for anything.

You will receive a SMS and Zalora prompt on the cash returned to your account. Cool, huh. 

Malaysia's online shopping has improved a lot - do leave a comment below if you know any other fashion site that also allows for returns. I bought a really pretty dress for my cousin's wedding from Zalora, but I believe a playsuit is just around the horizon in my fashion future!

Happy weekend, everybody!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Midnight thoughts #1122

When I was in high school, my teacher once got so upset with me when I said that I just wanted to get normal grades, go to a normal college, live a normal life ... and she was upset because I didn't want to be #1 at anything even though I was already studying in one of the top classes at one of the best schools in town - it just wasn't good enough for her. 

But if everybody wants to be #1, then would't that make everybody else statistically ordinary?

And hence me, by default, extraordinary. 

Friday, August 28, 2015

Office prank level: Fake colleague

They pranked me once, and my colleagues did it again when I went off to Penang for a couple of days.

They made a fake Pam!

Will the real Slim Pammeh please stand up? 

"Hi, I am replacement Pam. Nice to meet you!"

Apparently this fake Pam gave lots of people heart attacks 

And they even had meetings with replacement Pam. 

It was basically my jacket, shawl and a photo of me attached to my work chair. Well played, people! Well played! 

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Office prank level: Vegetable face

OK seriously this was like the easiest prank ever to pull off in the history of our pranks - I am 100000% sure anyone can re-do this prank. 

The backstory
My good friend Cayla doesn't like eating vegetables, so of course we had to welcome her back from her trip from Hong Kong. All you need to do is buy a whole bag of vegetables.  

Here are the very talented designer girls arranging the vegetables



And here is photographic evidence that I was busy working while all this was going down (although like a criminal mastermind, I will confess that yes it was my idea and I bought the vegetables but I was working so it couldn't have been me) 

Cayla came to work highly suspicious but she was nicely surprised with Fibre-san! 

Too bad she didn't eat him.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Office prank level: Cardboard house

My super sexy colleague (who dives as a hobby!) was one of her super sexy diving trips at one of those sexy James Bond islands in Malaysia (I am making this up), and I randomly thought of welcoming her home.. because work is kind of like home, right?

Look at the amount of people it took to tape cardboard boxes around her table!

Taped with love 

Art is in the details (drawing the doorknob)

We then decided to create a door that actually opens, so she can stick her head in and work on her PC.

I kind of miss my purple-green hair!


And the crowning glory is a chimney with smoke coming out of the house. 

Yes, she loved it!

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Office prank level: Crush on coffeeshop girl

At my workplace, leaving work for a few days means that you can probably expect to come back to an office prank. 

The backstory of the coffeeshop girl 
My adorable manly colleague had a crush on this girl who worked at a coffeeshop near work, so because of this and that, we thought we'd welcome him back from his Taiwan trip with a cardboard cutout of the girl of his dreams. 

Phase one: sketching out the two lovebirds

Phase two: One of his quarterly tasks was to find out the girl's name

Phase three: Shading and sticking faces on the cutouts

Yes, she is carrying him. 

Stringing the characters 

Up they go!

Welcome back, YZ! 

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Monday, July 20, 2015

When you don't want to clean your apartment

It's almost 2am on a Sunday-to-Monday morning and I'm sitting cross legged at my Mac, feeling extra proud of myself as I eat my fish chips. My beautiful toy poodle is sleeping right next to me, my darn good looking husband is fast asleep and I have totally nothing to worry about in life. 

Well, I'm sure there are lots of worries to worry about, but this amazing feeling of contentment and gratitude is what happens when you spend three hours deep-cleansing your apartment. 

 And you can have this amazing feeling in your life too! 

Just clean your apartment! 

I too, suffered from the no-time-not-enough-energy anti-cleaning syndrome up till 10pm tonight, but then it cured itself when I put on my mp3 player and listened to a brand new audiobook (currently listening to Daughter of Smoke and Bones) and just started cleaning from one corner to another corner of the house. 

So just slot some time in your diary to clean your living space, download an audiobook and you'll be amazed with how much better you'll feel about your life after you sit in a gorgeous clean space. I guarantee it. 

No need to read about motivation on Quora or suffer from apartment envy when you watch cleaning routines on YouTube. 

Of course, now I'll have to think of a way to maintain the pristine condition of the house and I will let you know when I get there. 

 // off to sleep now

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Your day will come (When I grow up I want to be Verbal Jint)

Such is life, they say
Though there are many hard and painful days, life is good, they say
Good job today, as usual
Who knows which cloud is carrying rain?
Your day will come, too, some time in life 

- from blonotes

These days I'm obsessed with Verbal Jint. I listen to him at work and I talk about him at home. I really liked him in Running Man and now Show Me the Money 4. I like him so much that I told Wewo I would marry Verbal Jint if I was Korean! I am so totally his type! I don't chew loudly, have no bias against the minority and love giving guys their personal space*.

I also still like Kim Jinhwan (iKON) and Park Bom (2NE1). I just also really, really like Verbal Jint.

In other news, I brought 11 of my friends to Singapore for a 4D3N trip! It was fun and we stayed at this pretty cool backpackers for RM50 per night. Would you like the itinerary?

*This is in reference to his awesome song, Type 2. Listen to the English subbed song here.

* You should also listen to this damn sexy song, Doin' It which also comes with English subtitles

Friday, June 19, 2015

My June 2015

jurassic world re-enactment

Things I really like right now:

Chris Pratt 
The SPY movie 
IKON / Kim Jinhwan 
EXID's "Ah Yeah" and "Up and Down"
Kayla Itsines 
Saxophone duets

And tomorrow it will be back to Japanese and Ruby classes - both of which you would be interested to know that I have not told anyone in my life about. Only you, Internet! Only you! 

Good night! Sleep tight! 
Tired Pam 

Monday, June 8, 2015

#greenhairdontcare - Green and Purple dip dye at number76 - then I cut my hair again

I miss pink hair. Pink hair is awesome! Read all about my pink dip dye experience at number76 here.  I highly recommend that every girl tries pink hair at least once in her life. After my pink and purple faded, I bleach my whole head and then dyed all my hair red.

After that, I kind of had enough of red for awhile, so I decided to go against all my pink instincts and learn how to embrace green, which happens to be 2NE1 Park Bom's favourite colour. 

Tah dah! 

Here's an 18 second video of what my hair looked like fresh from the salon. Sorry the video is kind of dark... but you can see the true colour of the dip dye hair in this blog post!

Nice, huh! Cost around RM500 for two dip dye colours plus brown hair dye on top. Spent 3-4 hours at number76 to achieve this look. 

I coloured my hair somewhere in late March/early April and the green has kind of faded, but the purple is still vibrant. Unfortunately, I am not in the habit of brushing my hair, so it started getting split ends and my elephant hair is so thick that no rubber band can keep my hair together... so it was time for a trim. 

Honestly I really wanted shoulder length hair for June, but everybody said it would be a waste to just chop off all the purple and green hair. I think I will keep the short hair for 2016! 

Pam and her Marc Jacobs bag at number76 on a Sunday afternoon

(Yeah... I should go outdoors and take some photos of my hair in natural light)

I got a colour touch up, trimmed the ends and bangs for myself yesterday. Total cost, nearly RM300 because I wanted Yoshi to cut my hair. I randomly got bangs because I am hokkien and it doesn't feel value for money if I only go for a trim (and then no one would notice that I cut my hair). Hehe yeah, now everyone teases me about my blunt fringe but I am kind of happy with it.

"What is your hair like after you dip dye it twice and bleached it three times?" 

I noticed that the ends split a little, but I could truthfully have just cut the kinky bits out of my hair at home... I have never gone for hair treatments, so I would say that the quality of the dye job was really good. No such thing like hair falling out or all your hair drying up and splitting.

"Is your hair still healthy?"

Yes, very healthy. Too healthy. I have too much hair on my head! I did notice that when I bleached my whole head, the hair strands felt thinner so if you already have thin hair, do not bleach all of your hair. Luckily, you can consider dip dye, which only bleaches the end of your hair. 

OK ready to go to number76?

I've written down the instructions on how to go to number76 Bangsar 1 in a previous blog post and do remember to make a booking before you go. You can book online these days and they also include pricing for your reference. Lots of people ask me to recommend a stylist and I am the worst at this because I always just say "Yoshi, because he's very cute." He is also the most expensive and most talented (IMHO), but the right hairstyle can really change your life! :) 

(P/S - Just in case you are a new reader... Pam is not a sponsored blogger so these are really good life recommendations!) 

(P/P/S - I watched SPY the movie last week and LOVED IT, easily the best movie of 2015) 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

busy, very busy

Many folders on my Macbook about things that I want to share with you guys. Please be patient a little longer!

I'm busy, very busy these days until I can fall asleep in my car sometimes (while I'm in parked mode). But I am having a lot of fun these days and am still laughing a lot. I hope you are living very well too, and please check back soon (in another week?) for some updates. 

Pinky Promise Pam!

p/s - In the meantime, do watch the Korean drama The Heirs and Pinocchio. I'm trying to watch Dr Stranger now, but even though I really like Lee Jong Suk, the storyline is hard to believe.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Monday, March 30, 2015

I watched 50 Shades of Grey

*Images are not mine, sourced from Tumblr 

Anastasia Steele looks pretty old to be graduating from uni. She is super lovely, but her elderness really distracted me from the movie. Wasn't Anastasia supposed to be a young ingenue? I actually Googled the actress and she is actually only 25. I still kinda wish Alexis Bledel took the gig.

Christian Grey doesn't feel dangerous, just stalker pscyho-killer-ish in the movie. The Grey I imagined in my head was a wild animal contained in a suit. 

To the actor Jamie's credit, there really is no sexy way of saying, "Laters, baby." 

Most of the smexy parts were smexy. 

I enjoyed watching the movie on my laptop while sitting next to Wewo (who was doing something else). It kinda made him nervous at first, then he became disturbed when I explained to him that 50 Shades of Grey is actually a Twilight fanfic.

Grey is supposed to be Edward Cullen, Grey's adopted brother is Jasper.

Anastasia is Bella, her best friend is Rosalie. Jose is Jacob, Grey's adopted sister is actually Alice. 

I was never able to get past the third book of 50 Shades of Grey so I only skimmed it - but I did read the first two. And I hope that this shows you that I too can be 50 Shades of Surprises! 

Would I watch this movie again? No... Is it a favourite? No... but am I glad I watched it? 

Well, yes. I think this is equivalent to my other guilty pleasure - Keeping Up With the Kardashians. 


Monday, March 23, 2015

Don't send flowers to your dream girl

This is a photo of the saddest flowers ever received in the office by a beautiful girl. 

My colleague received flowers from a stranger today.

He probably thought that he was being as over the top romantic as a hero in a highly rated Korean drama, but the execution was terrible since she had never met the guy - and never even told her where she worked. 

We just moved offices and he already knew where our new office was located. Dude. 

Apparently he bumped into her profile on LinkedIn. 

And from then on, he tracked down her Facebook, LINE, Wechat, etc. 

And before the flowers incident, he would ask her about where her house is and what time she usually had dinner.

So it ends with her telling him not to send flowers anymore and that she is in a happy relationship with her boyfriend fiance. 

The end. 

This are is left blank on purpose