Sunday, January 18, 2015

How to get Pam's attention



Pam hasn't replied your message since last June?

Pam hasn't called you back?

Because of the nature of my work, I'm always online! And because of my own personal nature, I'm always busy! 

If you want to get my attention, add me on instagram (and if I know you and if you're not weird or anything) I will follow you back and literally like all of your latest updates, no matter what photo you post. Ladies and gentlemen, the Internet has spoiled me and now all I can really afford to give my friends and loved ones is a double tap (heart) on your instagram photos. 

If you really, really want to hang out with me, please contact me and I'll be happy to setup a coffee or dinner session where we'll look each other straight in the eye for at least 45 minutes, maybe talk a little (but no talking is fine too), have some food, split the bill and then return to our daily lives. 

Otherwise, I really don't have time to reply messages like, "Hey, how are you? How's it going? How's everything?" I'm not going to be sitting by my laptop and replying messages like that anymore. If you need my help, just give it to me straight. If you want to tell me something, tell it in 140 words or less. Because if it's really urgent, you'd call me right away, right? 

If you really must ask Pam a question online, maybe make it sound really urgent with lots of exclamation points. Preferably something about your spleen? 

So just to make things clear, this is a disclaimer post saying that I do not have time to look through your Facebook feed or read blogs anymore. When I'm not working, playing with my husband, rolling with the poodles and shih tzu, then I am probably spending time obsessing over everything iKON and Kim Jinhwan-related. 

This is me weaning myself off digital interactions so I can spend more quality time online and more meaningful time offline. Yes, I do feel bad and guilty because you guys are all my friends but at the same time - I need to chase my 8 hour sleep a day and you should do the same! Let's start a #sleepMovement! 

In other news, my next blog posts will be interesting tips on:

- Traveling in Cambodia and paying RM1.50 for beer
- Traveling to Cameron Highlands for 3D2N (Romantic)
- Traveling to Ipoh for 2D1N (Birthday)
- House cleaning for CNY (sponsored giveaway) 

I know that most of it sounds really touristy, but I think that everyone should expand their horizons with trips as often as they can, so please come back and read it, get inspired and book your next trip overseas at minimum cost, maximum pleasure. \(^_^)/ 

Happy mid-January!!! 

Love, love, Pam 


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