Wednesday, February 25, 2015

How to Count Wedding Ang Pow Money (With Photos)

We're halfway through Chinese New Year festivities! Isn't it nice collecting ang pow money? This year, I received quite a generous stack from my dear Mum and some nice aunties, even though I'm already married. Thank you for the ang pow money!!! I will use it well!

It has reminded me to resurrect this old post about how to count ang pow money - not the money you get from Chinese New Year, but from wedding dinners so if you're getting married soon, this post is for you!

Honestly, I always thought that counting stacks of money given during weddings is a piece of cake --- until I heard horror stories of tertiary-educated aunties misplacing money or not tracking the monies given properly. So here's a short, succinct blog post on how I helped a friend count all their wedding money all by myself.

Before the ang pow collection

Decide where you will count the ang pow money and make sure the bride and groom tell you exactly who they want to be in the room with you. In my case, I forgot to confirm who could be trusted to be in the same room with me and money so I drove all the way home to count the money in complete security and privacy.

Prepare a zipper bag for all the ang pow you will keep. A zipper bag is best because you can safely zip it up and avoid ang pow packets from accidentally falling out of the bag.

How to count the ang pow money

All the wedding ang pow money in my zipper bag. Ahem, of course it's pink. I bought this from DAISO for only RM5 and also used it for my own wedding.

Step one: Each time you take out money from an ang pow packet, write down the amount on the ang pow packet.

Step two: Tear the ang pow packet (I used scissors) to make sure that you don't leave any money behind.

Step three: Admire all the loot you've taken out. Keep the empty ang pow packets aside for now.

Step four: Sort out all the ang pow money according to it's value. Then bundle each stack in x10s for easy counting. As you can see, I put RM50 x 71pcs on the RM50 bundle so I will always know that stack is worth RM3,550. 

Double check the stack a few times if you're not confident and then write down the calculation on a piece of paper. Admire the stack of money in front of you and feel like a mafia boss.

Step five: Create a simple Excel sheet with the name of the ang pow givers in one column and how much money they gave in another column. If you're not Chinese, you won't understand why we do this but basically, it's because we need to keep track of what each family member/friend gave so we can return money of the same value (or more) in future ang pow-related ceremonies. 

This is the tricky part. The amount listed from the ang pow calculation must tally with the actual amount of money. This can be a little confusing if you're counting money with someone else, but be patient and double check your figures. I should mention that before I settled down to count the monies, I had a takeaway cappucino and French cake to eat while I count.

Step six: Keep all the empty ang pow packets together with the list of ang pow benefactors. This is just in case someone else would like to count the ang pow money. 

Step seven: I keep all the actual money in one zipper bag and all the empty ang pow packets in another zipper bag. I dunno why, I like to put big stacks of money in zipper bags. It's very gangster, right? 

And that's it! You're done counting money in seven steps! Good luck and share this post with any of your friends or relatives who will be responsible for counting money.

(By the way, the photos above are only of the ang pow money taken during the early tea ceremony. If you're counting money for the wedding dinner ceremony, prepare a few more calculators, rubber bands and zipper bags because the amount is probably going to be a lot more).

And since you've read my post all the way here, here are some photos from my friend's wedding day: 

At the church with my awesome friend Miki - looking super blur after counting all that money by myself!

At dinner - looking a little more glammed up. I don't have my fringe anymore and I think I'm going to try going without fringe for awhile. 

All of us accidentally wore all black. But pretty!

Happy wedding! XOXO

Sunday, February 15, 2015

My Valentine's Day Story

It’s different this time
I deceive myself every time
But without fail
Like always
It will come to an end
Am I really in love?
Or am I dating to break up?
Once again, it comes to me

An easy ending

- Epik High, "Happen Ending".

This Valentine's Day, a boy got his heart broken. He just very recently fell in love with her a few weeks ago and after he gave her a flower for Valentine's Day, she said, "You gave me a flower even before my boyfriend did this year. Thank you for the friendship flower."

This Valentine's Day, a boy got his heart broken. He loved this girl so obsessively for so long, and although we all knew it was a doomed relationship, we cheered him on anyway because sometimes you need to risk it all for love. I have not seen him online the past few days since they broke up and I hope he is OK. I think it's OK to love the wrong person, and I would know because I've loved many.

This Valentine's Day, I found out that a dear friend who was beaten, cheated on and nearly divorced her husband (but the divorce petition was rejected by the court) returned to the same man who did all of the above to her. Me, my friends and everyone else in the entire world know that this is a doomed relationship that hopefully ends only in tears and heartbreak but I will cheer her on anyway, because... I just want you to be happy.

This Valentine's Day, I stepped into my future home for the very first time with mixed feelings of dread and happiness. My beloved took me out for a nice dinner and I had lobster thermidor for the very first time (it was delicious).

It was a very busy Valentine's Day 2015.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Office pranks anyone can pull off

These days, I'm too overwhelmed with Work and Life to even think about wedding planning or party popping, but there always seems to be a little time for pranking my colleagues... 

Prank One: Helpfully Cordone Your Sick Colleague's Desk as Contaminated Zone 

All you need is wide yellow tape and black marker pen, bonus points if you can borrow the "Cleaning In Progress" signage from the cleaning lady. 


Prank Two: The perfect Christmas gift for your colleague who looks like a fruit

Ours looks like a pineapple because of his spiky hair, so we gave him a RM3 pineapple for Christmas, complete with Daiso sunglasses which cost RM5. 

Now he doesn't mind so many people calling him pineapple anymore! And he actually goes for holidays, instead of working so hard. 

Prank Three: I was really, really, really excited that a colleague came back to work after 3 months hiatus, so we sectioned off her corner of the office and filled it with candy balloons. 


Prank Four: Payback! 

I got sick one day, so they decided to cordon off my section of the office and fill it with balloons. 

Painful! But happy! Happy painful! BTW, I'm wearing my awesome new panda sweater from H&M, courtesy of Wewo because I had food poisoning for 24 hours. 

In other news, 

Man, work is siiiiiiccckkkk but I am still standing strong and working hard because it's hard not to have fun everyday. This is how we roll, right? Work hard and play hard, let he who say that it cannot be done not stand in the way of those who are doing it. 


P/S - Need more pranks? Here is a prank involving an egg riding a bacon blanket. 

This are is left blank on purpose