Sunday, February 15, 2015

My Valentine's Day Story

It’s different this time
I deceive myself every time
But without fail
Like always
It will come to an end
Am I really in love?
Or am I dating to break up?
Once again, it comes to me

An easy ending

- Epik High, "Happen Ending".

This Valentine's Day, a boy got his heart broken. He just very recently fell in love with her a few weeks ago and after he gave her a flower for Valentine's Day, she said, "You gave me a flower even before my boyfriend did this year. Thank you for the friendship flower."

This Valentine's Day, a boy got his heart broken. He loved this girl so obsessively for so long, and although we all knew it was a doomed relationship, we cheered him on anyway because sometimes you need to risk it all for love. I have not seen him online the past few days since they broke up and I hope he is OK. I think it's OK to love the wrong person, and I would know because I've loved many.

This Valentine's Day, I found out that a dear friend who was beaten, cheated on and nearly divorced her husband (but the divorce petition was rejected by the court) returned to the same man who did all of the above to her. Me, my friends and everyone else in the entire world know that this is a doomed relationship that hopefully ends only in tears and heartbreak but I will cheer her on anyway, because... I just want you to be happy.

This Valentine's Day, I stepped into my future home for the very first time with mixed feelings of dread and happiness. My beloved took me out for a nice dinner and I had lobster thermidor for the very first time (it was delicious).

It was a very busy Valentine's Day 2015.


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