Thursday, February 5, 2015

Office pranks anyone can pull off

These days, I'm too overwhelmed with Work and Life to even think about wedding planning or party popping, but there always seems to be a little time for pranking my colleagues... 

Prank One: Helpfully Cordone Your Sick Colleague's Desk as Contaminated Zone 

All you need is wide yellow tape and black marker pen, bonus points if you can borrow the "Cleaning In Progress" signage from the cleaning lady. 


Prank Two: The perfect Christmas gift for your colleague who looks like a fruit

Ours looks like a pineapple because of his spiky hair, so we gave him a RM3 pineapple for Christmas, complete with Daiso sunglasses which cost RM5. 

Now he doesn't mind so many people calling him pineapple anymore! And he actually goes for holidays, instead of working so hard. 

Prank Three: I was really, really, really excited that a colleague came back to work after 3 months hiatus, so we sectioned off her corner of the office and filled it with candy balloons. 


Prank Four: Payback! 

I got sick one day, so they decided to cordon off my section of the office and fill it with balloons. 

Painful! But happy! Happy painful! BTW, I'm wearing my awesome new panda sweater from H&M, courtesy of Wewo because I had food poisoning for 24 hours. 

In other news, 

Man, work is siiiiiiccckkkk but I am still standing strong and working hard because it's hard not to have fun everyday. This is how we roll, right? Work hard and play hard, let he who say that it cannot be done not stand in the way of those who are doing it. 


P/S - Need more pranks? Here is a prank involving an egg riding a bacon blanket. 


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