Monday, March 23, 2015

Don't send flowers to your dream girl

This is a photo of the saddest flowers ever received in the office by a beautiful girl. 

My colleague received flowers from a stranger today.

He probably thought that he was being as over the top romantic as a hero in a highly rated Korean drama, but the execution was terrible since she had never met the guy - and never even told her where she worked. 

We just moved offices and he already knew where our new office was located. Dude. 

Apparently he bumped into her profile on LinkedIn. 

And from then on, he tracked down her Facebook, LINE, Wechat, etc. 

And before the flowers incident, he would ask her about where her house is and what time she usually had dinner.

So it ends with her telling him not to send flowers anymore and that she is in a happy relationship with her boyfriend fiance. 

The end. 


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