Saturday, March 21, 2015

Office prank level: Crime scene desk

Victim: "Don't do anything to my desk!"

(But you didn't say anything about the floor around your desk ...)

So my poor colleague got into an accident and ended up having to work from home for a whole week. To cheer him up, I turned his desk into a crime scene.

You will need: One roll of masking tape (don't damage your carpet/flooring with chalk/paint!) and some willing dead bodies.

This is a young developer slash willing dead body victim who was kind enough to lie on the floor while we stuck tape around him.

It only took about ten minutes, plus minus people walking around and taking incriminating photos of the prank. 

We also created a crime scene tape around his would-be glasses and smartphone.

On Monday - victim is so happy to be back to work that he literally dies of happiness. 

Kthanksbye (yes, he got me back with the bacon and egg prank, so we are still best buddies now) 


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