Friday, March 20, 2015

Visiting Sydney and my office prank

Dear Internet,

I am so befuddled right now. It's only 11pm on a Friday night but according to the Sydney timezone, it's 2am Sydney time --- which is why Wewo is already passed out in bed. We had a lot of fun in Sydney even though we spent 90% of the time working:

I ate an authentic baklava, which was AMAZING. Then my colleagues brought me to an authentic Lebanese restaurant and it was the best meal I had in Sydney this time. 

The view from the Intercontinental was AMAZING, but there's nothing much to see once you visit the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, eh? Next time I will hop on over to the zoo to take a photo with a quokka. The quokka is my new thing now.

Random shot of my tights to give you an inkling of the kind of clothes I wear in Sydney. It will be colder when I get to Melbourne in April, so I wonder if I will still be wearing skirts then.

Hehe I took soooooo many selfie shots because I paid for broadband on a daily basis and I finished work before Wewo every other day. 

 I wanted to visit the Lindt Cafe after the shooting, but it was closed. But that's alright because I rediscovered Max Brenner. The hot chocolates aren't as delicious but I love their Easter packaging! If you head over there, BUY ALL THE CHOCOLATE EASTER EGGS! Especially those with sparkling pops in them. I thought I bought too much, but then now realise that I probably didn't buy enough to share with everyone. :( 

Only in Sydney can you eat fresh Oysters at the airport for only $24. It was nice to be fancy once in awhile (can you imagine how little we shopped, to actually have the money to spend on oysters in an airport). Every day that I was there, I also ate a whole lot of bacon and eggs:  

Bacon and eggs come in so many shapes and sizes! But I always order mine with BBQ sauce, because that's the best, right? I must have loved it a little too much because when I got back to the KL office today, I found this:  

This is a sign of love from my team mates, right? I kind of love the prank because how can you get angry at a sunny side egg riding a bacon blanket? 


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