Monday, June 8, 2015

#greenhairdontcare - Green and Purple dip dye at number76 - then I cut my hair again

I miss pink hair. Pink hair is awesome! Read all about my pink dip dye experience at number76 here.  I highly recommend that every girl tries pink hair at least once in her life. After my pink and purple faded, I bleach my whole head and then dyed all my hair red.

After that, I kind of had enough of red for awhile, so I decided to go against all my pink instincts and learn how to embrace green, which happens to be 2NE1 Park Bom's favourite colour. 

Tah dah! 

Here's an 18 second video of what my hair looked like fresh from the salon. Sorry the video is kind of dark... but you can see the true colour of the dip dye hair in this blog post!

Nice, huh! Cost around RM500 for two dip dye colours plus brown hair dye on top. Spent 3-4 hours at number76 to achieve this look. 

I coloured my hair somewhere in late March/early April and the green has kind of faded, but the purple is still vibrant. Unfortunately, I am not in the habit of brushing my hair, so it started getting split ends and my elephant hair is so thick that no rubber band can keep my hair together... so it was time for a trim. 

Honestly I really wanted shoulder length hair for June, but everybody said it would be a waste to just chop off all the purple and green hair. I think I will keep the short hair for 2016! 

Pam and her Marc Jacobs bag at number76 on a Sunday afternoon

(Yeah... I should go outdoors and take some photos of my hair in natural light)

I got a colour touch up, trimmed the ends and bangs for myself yesterday. Total cost, nearly RM300 because I wanted Yoshi to cut my hair. I randomly got bangs because I am hokkien and it doesn't feel value for money if I only go for a trim (and then no one would notice that I cut my hair). Hehe yeah, now everyone teases me about my blunt fringe but I am kind of happy with it.

"What is your hair like after you dip dye it twice and bleached it three times?" 

I noticed that the ends split a little, but I could truthfully have just cut the kinky bits out of my hair at home... I have never gone for hair treatments, so I would say that the quality of the dye job was really good. No such thing like hair falling out or all your hair drying up and splitting.

"Is your hair still healthy?"

Yes, very healthy. Too healthy. I have too much hair on my head! I did notice that when I bleached my whole head, the hair strands felt thinner so if you already have thin hair, do not bleach all of your hair. Luckily, you can consider dip dye, which only bleaches the end of your hair. 

OK ready to go to number76?

I've written down the instructions on how to go to number76 Bangsar 1 in a previous blog post and do remember to make a booking before you go. You can book online these days and they also include pricing for your reference. Lots of people ask me to recommend a stylist and I am the worst at this because I always just say "Yoshi, because he's very cute." He is also the most expensive and most talented (IMHO), but the right hairstyle can really change your life! :) 

(P/S - Just in case you are a new reader... Pam is not a sponsored blogger so these are really good life recommendations!) 

(P/P/S - I watched SPY the movie last week and LOVED IT, easily the best movie of 2015) 


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