Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Your day will come (When I grow up I want to be Verbal Jint)

Such is life, they say
Though there are many hard and painful days, life is good, they say
Good job today, as usual
Who knows which cloud is carrying rain?
Your day will come, too, some time in life 

- from blonotes

These days I'm obsessed with Verbal Jint. I listen to him at work and I talk about him at home. I really liked him in Running Man and now Show Me the Money 4. I like him so much that I told Wewo I would marry Verbal Jint if I was Korean! I am so totally his type! I don't chew loudly, have no bias against the minority and love giving guys their personal space*.

I also still like Kim Jinhwan (iKON) and Park Bom (2NE1). I just also really, really like Verbal Jint.

In other news, I brought 11 of my friends to Singapore for a 4D3N trip! It was fun and we stayed at this pretty cool backpackers for RM50 per night. Would you like the itinerary?

*This is in reference to his awesome song, Type 2. Listen to the English subbed song here.

* You should also listen to this damn sexy song, Doin' It which also comes with English subtitles


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