Friday, October 2, 2015

Thinking of buying a playsuit? (So easy! How to return stuff to Zalora)

Hello fashion people!

Here is a very important tip that I learned recently from my young graphic designer - you can actually return stuff to Zalora! Since I have known about this, I have been purchasing an item every other month (and we all know that Pam only buys in bulk) so I usually have large packets delivered to the office. Imagine online shopping and not having to worry that the item you buy is the wrong size or looks frumpy on you - it is AMAZING and has led me to enjoy good fashion choices without it being expensive. 

I highly recommend buying from Zalora and instead of bragging about the discounts and free delivery, I thought I'd tell you about how easy it is to return stuff:

I just received this package yesterday. I wanted to buy a playsuit, but lately my thighs and tummy are much too juicy... 

DON'T CUT OPEN YOUR ZALORA BAG, no matter how excited you are. Flip it around and you will read that it is a reusable bag. I actually cut one bag open once (before I knew you could return stuff), so I had to use a lot of cellophane tape to stick everything together.

Open along the perforated lines. Or you could use a scissor along those lines. 

In the bag with your purchase is a thank you envelope. Do not throw this away!

The envelope will contain a letter on how to return your item to Zalora. 

On the other side of the paper is the tax invoice, which is very, very important. 

You need to tick the item that you are returning and specify why you are returning it. I often just say that it doesn't look good on me. :( 

A POSLAJU slip will also be included in the bag, so just fill in your own details - everything else has already been entered for you. 

Wrap your clothing up neatly and then seal the bag with the tax invoice paper. How cool is this bag! 

Next, drop it off at the Poslaju counter. It's already prepaid, so you don't have to pay for anything.

You will receive a SMS and Zalora prompt on the cash returned to your account. Cool, huh. 

Malaysia's online shopping has improved a lot - do leave a comment below if you know any other fashion site that also allows for returns. I bought a really pretty dress for my cousin's wedding from Zalora, but I believe a playsuit is just around the horizon in my fashion future!

Happy weekend, everybody!


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