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Baby Fullmoon Gift Packs in Malaysia

It took me two days to research and place my order for Baby J's fullmoon celebration; mostly because when your baby is less than 30 days old, staying away from your baby longer than 20 minutes will be quite a challenge! 

Baby fullmoon gift packs are given to close friends and relatives, so it was very important that we chose delicious treats for them to feast on. If taste, presentation and pricing is a concern to you as well, then read on! 

Here are two of my recommendations on baby fullmoon gift packs for those living around the Klang Valley (in true tradition of Pam Writes, I am not paid to write this post either. All the gift packs were personally paid). 

TK Bakery Baby Fullmoon Gift Packs 

(Very beautiful, delicious but expensive and no delivery)
At RM25.79 per box, the set we purchased from TK Bakery was not cheap! But it looked amazing and was purchased for very, very super close friends and relatives.


1. You can order your fullmoon gift packs online

2. I highly recommend the pack with Yam roll. The fresh cream is amazing and we received lots of positive feedback from the Yam roll. The violet colour and white dots on the cake also made the box look extra fancy.

3. Minimum order is 20 boxes, but in our case we only wanted around 30 boxes so instead of ordering online, we visited the nearest TK Bakery to our house and discussed our options with the manager. She conceded to preparing 20 boxes of Yam roll and the balance boxes were walnut cakes. 

4. Tong Kee (TK) Bakery has 9 branches! If you visit, do purchase some egg tarts, too! TK Bakery has the best egg tarts in Klang Valley. 

You can choose to either add Yam roll, cupcake, swiss roll, butter or walnut cake.

Cute box exterior. Everyone said, "Wah!" when they saw it. Lots of happy smiles!

Fixed contents in the box: 2 red eggs, ang ku kueh and 4pcs walnut cookies. 
The elders who received the box said, "You must have spent a lot of money". 

The box also comes with a cute little photo frame - pink for girl, blue for boy

We had extra boxes, so we "tested" a box at home. We finished everything in one day! 

Here is another tip! Take your time to plan your fullmoon delivery route to maximise efficiency. We went to Klang and PJ one day and another day in KL. If you split your delivery into two days, keep your ang ku kueh in an air-conditioned room and your yam roll with fresh cream in the fridge over night. Everything else can be kept in room temperature.

I designed a simple card on canva (free!) with Baby J's birth details then printed it out and stuck it on the picture frame. I kept the cost low by printing 6 copies of the photo on simple A4 paper so people wouldn't feel bad about admiring the baby photo then throwing it away later. :)

Delight's Full Moon Packages
(Traditional box, very delicious, cheap and comes with delivery!) 

We received a lot of love from my (former) colleagues, so I absolutely 10000% wanted to surprise them with fullmoon gift boxes. Only problem was, I had to order FIFTY fullmoon boxes and TK Bakery's gift packs were too expensive.

RM25.79 x 50 boxes x 6% GST = RM1,366.87 = Too Expensive + No Delivery

So we went with my gut and ordered from this company in my hometown, Klang and they were great - they delivered all the way to KL city and were prompt and friendly.


1. Cheapest package is RM11.20 with the most expensive being RM24.60. There's plenty of variety to choose from! I picked Set E1 because I wanted a baby fullmoon gift pack that could last an entire day in the office so people who were busy in meetings all day could also enjoy the snack.

Total we spent on 50 boxes of delicious fullmoon goodies was:

RM11.20 x 42 boxes x 6% GST = RM498.62 
(you get 1 box free for every 5 boxes purchased, so we had 8 free boxes, totalling up to 50 boxes delivered)

2. It's very easy to place an order. I filled in the form online and the staff called me the following day to confirm my order. They also called me the day before delivery to confirm a second time and best of all, I could pay cash on delivery in case I wasn't satisfied with the packages.

2 ang ku kueh, 2 red eggs, 2 egg tarts and 3 mini fruit tarts

Pretty boxes to brighten up their Friday morning 

I was concerned that the package would look cheap but they actually look pretty good

You can also add your own message and pay extra to have your baby photo printed, but I didn't think it was necessary for all my colleagues to have a photo of my baby (^_^); 

All positive reviews on the fullmoon package! They said it was tasty and fresh! 

So there you go - two types of fullmoon gift packages to celebrate your healthy bouncing baby. Both delicious and wonderful - I hope this will be a useful post to busy new parents. 

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