Saturday, October 1, 2016

Pink dip dye hair at Centro W Salon, The Gardens MidValley

Getting your hair done has changed a lot in the past 365 days!

I was lucky enough to be invited by the kind Jessica for a free hair makeover session at Centro right after my baby confinement was done, and the pampering session was seriously fun:

Centro W Salon is located at The Gardens Mall, 1st floor (Lot F235B). The shop was kind of full on a Monday, so do call ahead to book at tel: +603 22877330. My hairstylist was called Han and he's pretty nice and cute!

After discussing what my new hair would look like with my stylist, I was then served coffee (coffee! OMG they serve coffee in hair salons now!). The coffee was good and rich, not even the 3in1 kind. A year ago, all they served at hair salons was Chinese tea. I was especially excited about the coffee because during my confinement, I only drank red tea and the occasional glasses of water so... I had nearly gone nine months without drinking much coffee. Ahem.

I have my very own entertainment centre! They have a menu of movies you can watch while you get your hair done so you won't get bored. (I chose Godzilla... let them fight!)

There are also plenty of power points so you can charge your phone/tablets and if you forget to bring your charger, just ask one of the nice staff and they'll be happy to help you charge your electronics.

Colouring the top of my hair dark brown.

Hair wash.


The bleached results before the pink dip dye was added.

And after the dye, we had another hair treatment for the locks.

If it's lunch hour, the staff will even offer to buy you lunch from the nearby Japanese restaurant. I had seafood salad because one absolutely does not eat seafood during baby confinement.

Here's what my hair looked like before:

And here are the final results! Coloured hair, it has been a longggg time and I've missed you!

Total work done: Haircut, hair dye (to cover the roots), hair bleach, dip dye, hair treatment

How much: Pricing is very transparent, available at their website:

Verdict: I'd definitely go again! It's also a great place to buy Kerastase products because that's the only brand they use!

Here's an animation of the new hair:

Note: It has been over 3 months since I coloured my hair. In terms of colour lasting, Han the stylist chose a pink dye that allowed the colour to stick for a full month which is pretty standard. If you're looking for colour that really lasts, try purple. My hair is not pink anymore now, but it still looks very pretty. More recent pics coming up in new posts!


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