Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The 3 Best Baby Shower Presents Ever (No Diaper Cakes)

Before I got pregnant, I was a strong believer in giving soon-to-be mums diaper cakes at baby showers because (a) it looked awesome and (b) everybody needs diapers! I have also been lucky enough to receive soooo many amazing presents for Baby J and there are plenty of standard baby shower gifts you can impress any pregnant woman with but... 

Just in case you're looking to really impress or give a very close friend/sister something meaningful in preparation for their baby, here is a list of things I absolutely found essential in the past 5 months of motherhood: 

Nasal Aspirator 

This can save your baby from so much discomfort, save you sleep and save you from spending lots of money from going to the hospital! Must buy! 

Basically what the nasal aspirator does is it sucks out all the dirt and phlegm from your baby's nose. Babies can't blow their noses yet so you can imagine how much it sucks (or rather, doesn't suck) when your baby has the flu but can't blow his or her nose. I know of some parents who didn't know that this existed and in the end the phlegm travelled into the baby's lungs and the baby had to be admitted in the hospital. Even if baby doesn't have flu, you'll need it to suck out milk from the baby's nose when they throw up milk from their nose and they're going to be doing a lot of throwing up until they are about 4-5 months old (heh heh heh I bet you virgins didn't know that baby throw up milk from their noses). 

Important tip 1: All the other designs sold at baby shops do not work because of the low suction power. You must buy the nasal aspirator with this design for maximum efficiency. 

Important tip 2: If you're caught in an emergency situation where baby can't breathe well and you don't have a nasal aspirator with you, suck out the gunk with your mouth. You gotta do what you gotta do. 

Every time any of our couple friends welcomes a new baby, we gift them with this because it's so practical and hard to find 

I bought mine at Prince Medical Court upon Dr. Choy's recommendation (he is the most longwinded, most amazing baby doctor I've ever come across! He's like a Ghibli studio character) for RM60. You can also purchase it at Mum's Care, apparently they're the only shop selling this style of nasal aspirator. I also recently found out that you can purchase this at BabyDash.com.my for about RM57.13 (not inclusive of delivery).

Bamboo Belly Bandit

I knew my stomach wasn't going to shrink itself after delivery because I hadn't exercised since 2011 so I actually signed myself up for a postpartum bengkung traditional belly wrap. Unfortunately I had a C-section so all the lady did was massage my body to boost circulation  because no one wanted to wrap a wounded belly. By the time I found out about the belly bandit, it was already too late for me but I'm definitely getting this for my second pregnancy. Belly bandits can be used even with C-section!

Basically the new mum wears this immediately after giving birth and it helps to shrink the uterus, thereby giving you a flatter stomach quicker. Your stomach does the most shrinking in the first month after baby is delivered, so it's important to purchase the bandit before your delivery for maximum effect. As for me, I am just going to go back to plain fashioned exercise (sigh). 

The Bamboo Bandit retails for RM314 on Littlewiz.com so this could be a great gift for a couple of girlfriends to share and buy for a pregnant friend. 

Baby Bottle Warmer Carrier

You never know how kind people are until you have to ask them for hot water! 

Although Baby J takes breastmilk exclusively, I can only manually feed her at home because I have performance anxiety outdoors and she thinks the feeding cover is a chance to play peekaboo. So whenever we go out, we always bring along packets of breastmilk to be warmed up whenever she wants to drink. The problem with this is that baby only drinks warm milk and milk only stays warm for 20 minutes; which means that every time baby wants to feed, we need to drop by the nearest Starbucks for a cup of coffee and a cup of super hot water to warm up the milk. 

I just discovered this carrier which retails for about RM100 available at Isetan's Baby Section. You basically put in the warmed milk bottle in the carrier and it will stay warm for at least 4 hours. 4 hours, you guys! 

That means 4 hours of not having to worry where the nearest source of hot water will come from! Anytime baby wants to drink, just whip the bottle out and you're good to go! 

I'll update the list if I think of any other must-have items. 

Perhaps also consider: Hands-free breast pump bra. I use mine everyday so I can do other stuff besides watching YouTube while pumping milk but it really depends on how the new mom feels about breastmilk. There is absolutely nothing wrong with formula fed babies (I am a S26 formula baby!) so while for me this is an essential item because we decided to feed Baby J breastmilk, it might not be the ideal gift for someone who would like to quickly wean their little one off breastmilk. 

I also really, really still like IKON so I'll do a post on Jinhwan next! (Probably). 

Enough baby posts (for now)! 



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