Saturday, November 12, 2016

#iKONCERTinKL: iKON's first concert in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Three years ago, YG introduced the world to 6 Korean kids known collectively as Team B. Although the entire reality show "Who Is Next" was geared towards the older team (Team A) winning the competition, I and millions of other viewers around the world fell for Team B. 

Every time I need a good cry and motivation to keep on pushing myself to do better in this world, all I need to do is re-watch their final performance which ends with them losing the competition and face the reality that the dream they spent their youth chasing may never come true. 

(English subtitles available in video) 

And then 1 year later, the same kids were re-introduced and long story short, they officially debut as iKON with an additional member, the maknae (youngest) Chanwoo. 

If you have time to spare, you can watch WIN: Who Is Next with English subtitles here

After you've finished WIN, you can watch the next series, Mix and Match with English subtitles here.

The story ends well because 3 years later, I somehow had the privilege of catching their very first iKoncert Asian tour in Stadium Negara! 

I was pleasantly surprised when a fellow iKONIC emailed me a few days before the event to ask me about parking. Hello! I hope you had a great time in the mosh pit. :) I had initially planned to Uber to the venue but we decided last minute to drive instead. Just drive there 2 hours ahead and you shouldn't have a problem finding parking. I believe parking was about RM20 flat rate. 

Spent the first hour playing with our phones and it was Pokemon Go craze in August, so Wewo had a lot of fun catching Pokemons while hanging around. 

Spent the second hour buying and eating snacks in the comfort of our car with the air-cond turned on. This is a great time to drink water too because you're not allowed to bring water into the venue. 

As an older iKONIC I feel that it is my duty as their die-hard fan to support the tour by purchasing original merchandise. The Konbat light stick is a mandatory purchase for all iKonics! 

Yes, we purchased the most expensive seats because when you're closer to 35 than 25, it's better to enjoy the concert while sitting down in a nice big chair. I am happy to report that we were not the oldest iKonics in the stadium and I even saw parents bringing their kids below 10 years of age to the concert. iKon's songs are loved by many! 

The people! The excitement was palpable! I remember that I kept thinking about how I couldn't believe I would be lucky enough to watch a live performance of Climax. 

Mandatory shot to prove that we were there! 

Special fan event where iKonics held up banners during the 'Long Time No See' track thanks to iKON Malaysia!

My precious treasures 

Performance feedback (in no particular order) 

Dong Hyuk: Dong Hyuk always turns to the right/left when he sings. He has a beautiful profile and angelic voice.

Yun Hyeong: Yun Hyeong was always bopping his head to the music, you could tell that he enjoyed every bit of the concert and was really into each track. 

Hanbin: This young man is really handsome. His stage presence is really no joke  - during his solo rap (Be I) all he had was this high school level mirror prop but he was so amazing that the whole stadium was bopping to his flow. 

Chanwoo: He really made the night with the trademark, "BAGUS!" He's the newest edition to the team with the least amount of time to practice but he has very steady vocals, nice dance moves and natural chemistry with the rest of the team. I'm glad because during the 'Mix & Match' era, I voted for Chanwoo to win and join the team.  

Bobby: Bobby had a very unfortunate hairstyle (he probably recorded his single Holup during this time) as he was blonde with dreadlocks. Nevertheless he had crazy energy throughout the whole concert and he pairs very well with Hanbin (in terms of energy performance and charisma they compliment each other very well). 

Jun Hoe: Jun Hoe was Wewo's favourite going into the concert but after the concert, we agreed that all the boys were likable. Just like Park Bom said, Jun Hoe's vocal tone is delicious and delightful to listen to.

Jinhwan: I cannot tell you anything about Jinhwan because he is and has been my favourite for the past 3 years. He is perfect and everything he did at the concert was perfect. I love you, Jinhwan!!! 

It made me really happy to have Jinhwan talk about the Malaysia concert during a radio interview in Japan:

Final consensus: We had so much fun at the concert, the boys behaved exactly like how they behaved in the videos and the music was amazing. With so little props, they still managed to provide an A-Star performance. I am looking forward to attending the next iKoncert! 


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