Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Is being a mom lonely?

Despite having friends with similar aged babies, I find myself preferring to do other things than converse with them on a daily basis, mostly because I have nothing to complain about (a) baby is developing very well (b) plenty of breastmilk (c) my husband is amazing, and he is an even more amazing father who bathes and plays with his baby everyday (d) I'm finally losing weight (e) the sky is so blue today (f) I am lucky enough to work from home (g) so I can't even complain about saying goodbye to my kid every morning before rushing off to work. LIFE IS GREAT and yes (h) my in laws adore our baby plenty and (i) we've never had a fight over how to raise the baby with either set of parents! 

I feel like I've won the lottery in life because of God's billion blessings so even though I look very dazed and confused most of the time, I am so so so super grateful and happy from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. 2 days ago, I had a social outing and found old soiled diapers in my Marc Jacobs bag from the week before! Hehe. OK so I don't have everything figured out. Still. I am happy! 

While I am timid about talking to other moms (because they are sure to ask about what challenges I am facing), I am also curious about how everyone goes about their life while also raising their baby! And for that I am grateful to a random IKEA posting on Facebook which led me to discover Estella Goh - I have been reading all her posts the entire day! I also occasionally check up on Cheeserland because Baby J and her baby Sakura are same aged babies! It will be super neat if they meet up and be friends one day (OK, it would be weird too. But cool weird).

So I thought I would recommend these two blogs if you are a mom like me and are curious to read about other moms as well. Do let me know if you have other favourite blogs you like to read about! I was so desperately curious yesterday that I actually tried Googling it but not many blogs intrigued me. If you're looking for something funny, exaggerated (hopefully) and swear-filled to read, I recommend Hurrah For Gin too.

Reading about other moms also inspired me to log into Blogger again. I'd previously thought of my blog as a free knowledge sharing centre - kind of my contribution to the Internet, you know? So it didn't matter that I only did 4 postings a year, because each posting would matter in terms of quality and usefulness. 

But lately I think it wouldn't be so bad to go back to using this space as a diary again so that when Baby J's all grown up, she'll hopefully come across this digital piece of me and know that she was and always will be my everything. 

She will be turning ten months old in 9 days! As I am typing this, she is fast asleep next to me smelling like strawberries and warmth. Today without warning she decided that she could play on her own in her play area all on her own and I couldn't help but be proud of her first signs of independence. Soon she will be asking for a her own car and moving off to college! 

Good night, Internet!


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