Friday, March 3, 2017

10 Steps: How to sell your car (second hand) in Malaysia

Our family is a one car household.

... which is pretty rare in Malaysia! When we married, we had two cars for three years but somehow because of our lifestyle, personality and sticky habits towards each other, we ended up only using one car (even when both of us switched jobs twice), we would still car pool to work together and for everything else, there was Uber, Grab Car and the good ol' tumpang a friend's car home for special occasions. 

My very first car ... I miss it sometimes! 

So this is a step-by-step on how we sold off our cars (because we wanted to upgrade our current car and because the other one was literally collecting dust, literally. I will always remember it costs RM200 to replace a car battery because that's how often we had to buy a new one just to restart the spare car every month or two). 

Note: I think normally you trade in your current car at the dealer if you're planning on getting a new car? But that wasn't an option for us as the car was in our parent's names. 

Step 1 - Prepare these 3 items- Car registration card, insurance policy and owner's thumb print. You need this trinity to sell your car in Malaysia. 

Step 2 - Take photos of your car and take note of the mileage to get an estimated market price.

You now have two options! If you would like the shortcut version, go to Step 6, otherwise read on - 

Step 3 - Log onto and input your car's details in the Search Filter on the left. You will now know the market price of your car. 

Step 4 - Choose your Dealer. Look for listings with this symbol to contact a Dealer. I used this backward method to find my car salesman because I wanted someone who sold my type of cars and who would give me a fair price for it. 

Step 5 - Choose lots of Dealers! I saved ten numbers into my phone and Whatsapp'd all of them the details of my car for a quotation. 

Step 6 - If you would like to skip the above steps, here's the number of the sales guy I sold my car to and I have to say he's pretty chill. Ricky's number is: +6011-18705692​⁠​. The company is pretty large and is located at Ampang. Do note that although I dealt with this company, they might not offer you the best price for your car, so it's always good to get 2-3 price offers

Step 7 - So now that you have your secondhand car dealer's number, it's time to talk to him! Here's the message I sent via Whatsapp - 

Step 8 - They will ask you for your asking price. If you have one, just let them know. I was upfront that I had no idea what the selling price was. This is why it's good to contact a couple of dealers - after getting 4-5 replies, I could talk to the best person with the best price.

** Note: at this point if you are extra cautious like us, you can consider driving to the car dealership's office first to see if the business is dodgy. In our case, we liked that the Performance Motor Trading's dealership was large and prosperous looking.

We even took photos of the dealership and sent it to our parents just in case we got conned into giving our cars away for free
Step 9 - You are almost done! Set an appointment to have the car appraised at the shop and bring along your documents listed in Step 1 and your extra car keys (if you still have them). If you are not the listed car owner in the registration card, bring the owner with you as well! 

Step 10 - You will be given a cheque for your car (do note that the cheque will only be made out to the name printed in the car's registration card). Cash your cheque in and treat yourself to a nice cup of coffee.  

Enjoy going home to an empty car lot, that's one less thing you need to be responsible for! 



This is a non-sponsored post, I am not affiliated with or Performance Motor Trading. 

This post was created to help people like us who had no idea how to go about selling a car that was handed down to us from our parents.  Hope it'll be useful to you! :) 


  1. before they hand over the cheque for you ,you do not need to transfer the name of the car first?

    1. Hey Jenn, thanks for stopping by! :)

      Nope, no need to transfer the name of the car first. But you will need to handover car registration card, car insurance documents and they will scan your thumbprint on the spot using their own machine. After that you will receive your cheque at the same time.


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