Friday, March 17, 2017

A day in my life with a 10 month old baby

This is the best blog post to read if you're hoping to know about a mom who is barely making it as a "good" parent, wife, housekeeper and business person! Even with just 3 of us and 2 poodles at home, it is a very busy household and despite all the planning, I never really know how the day may end (for example, I am in my PJs and blogging at 8PM on a Friday night, a highly unusual occurence as my MFT - Mommy Freedom Time - usually begins at 10PM+). 

My Work
I am a full time working and stay at home mom. By full time, I mean full time, this is not a 9am-5pm job. I am on call for clients and baby 24/7. But! I love it because being in the recruitment consultancy industry really is a big passion of mine because I get to help people improve their careers and take home salary and at the same time I also get to always be near my baby girl, who is growing up so amazingly fast. 

So let's begin!


I am up by 7am and am damn proud that baby can sleep through the alarm clock ringing. I make sure baby and husband are both still snuggly sleeping before tumbling out of bed, then I'm off to wash up and put on some lipstick! (Yes, I put on simple makeup even if I don't go out - proof that girls don't wear makeup to compete with other girls. It's just pretty to wear makeup! I highly recommed it as a pick-me-up for your day) 

Chores - I turn off night lights, open all windows to let fresh air in, greet the poodles a good morning and get started on breakfast. I also get the coffee machine started so the whole dining area will smell of freshly brewed coffee, my favourite! 

On Monday, I decided that we will have fresh strawberry cake for breakfast!

Some mornings I am more reasonable and cook a hot breakfast (usually with eggs) or like in the photo, I made sandwiches - bacon ham with cheddar cheese and mustard sauce.

If I'm really organised, I also get lunch cooking in the rice cooker or double boiler in the morning.

After breakfast, we bathe the baby.

I am now in charge of the baby while husband goes to work, but I also have leftover chores such as loading the washing machine and wiping down surfaces. So I let the poodles and baby play together for awhile. I also have my red date tea earlier in the day because I tend to get lazy and forget to drink it later on. I drink red date tea for breastmilk production! 

Baby J started playing on her own at 9 months+ and she's getting very good at it, she can sometimes last up to an hour just playing on her own.

Meanwhile, I'm 3 paces away working on my tiny IKEA table and occasionally making gurggling sounds at my baby girl while I work on client fulfillment.

I usually get hungry again at 10am so I have a second breakfast while getting my work done (and also have more coffee). These are my favourite egg tarts from TK Bakery, the shop I highly recommend for baby fullmoon gift packs. Depending on the quality of the fruits at the supermarket, I sometimes also have cut fruits like watermelon and rock melon for tea.  

By 11am, baby is ready for her morning nap.


Except, some days baby decides that she doesn't want a morning nap, in which case she will sit with me while I get lunch ready at 12pm+.

My little party animal will then pass out in her baby chair while watching her mom move around the kitchen as I cook - get the laundry - check on the poodles - prep dinner.

Hmm! I don't have any photos of lunch, but it's usually something quick like yee mee noodle soup, salad or onigiri. After lunch, baby plays around at the dry kitchen area while I wash up.

I have forcibly stopped myself from buying her anymore toys ever since I discovered that she is perfectly happy playing with tupperware and water. She also spent ten minutes playing with a washed grapefruit today! Tomorrow I will literally give her lemons. 

Once she's done playing with something new, we both go back up to her safe play area for independent playtime while mommy goes back to work. 

I am hungry by 2-3pm! So I have an early teatime while I get more work done. Are you guys interested in knowing how I do not gain weight even though I ate the whole strawberry cake by myself? Because I'm the only dessert fairy at home, I have been known to eat 8 pcs of krispy kreme donuts or finish the whole box of Hokkaido cheese tarts by myself without putting on weight. But having said that, I am not model skinny either, which is why I am unsure of whether or not I should teach you my no-exercise, no-diet, no-supplement method. (>_<) 

We then get back to work and by 4pm, baby is ready for her second nap. These days she likes hunting for the baby wipes and pulling out the wet tissue all over the bed; I usually let her pull out a few and then quietly keep the wipes away when she's distracted.


We have dinner at around 5pm because I like to keep ourselves free for mommy-daddy time after 6pm! To achieve this I usually prep dinner's ingredients ahead during lunch time. 

Lasagne is one of my favourites because you can do everything beforehand and just pop the lasagne into the oven to bake an hour before dinner.

I usually do fusion Western/Italian one day, then the next day I'll do something Chinese with steamed rice, kailan/broccoli and a meat dish.

I try to stuff us full so we don't get hungry at 10pm. Sometimes we have ice-cream to go with a hot beverage and then daddy watches baby while I go around doing house chores (vacuum, turning on the night lights, feeding the poodles, wiping down surfaces, boiling hot water, boiling my red date tea). 

Night time 

If we've been in the house the whole day, we end the day by taking baby out for a walk at the nearby playground outside for fresh air and new scenery. It's also time for me and hubby to sneakily date each other while we walk. When we get home, baby has her second bath before she's dressed in her PJs. 

At around 8-9pm baby is ready for bed.

Baby sleeps with style.

She's usually fussy during the first few hours of her sleep cycle so I hang around on the bed watching kdrama while baby sleeps. OMG I loved Goblin and Descendents of the Sun so much!

Because I heard Song Joong Ki wears a mask everyday, I also wear a facial mask for 20 minutes everyday while I lounge on the bed with baby. Aunty says my skin looks amazing, so it must work! There are also days when I'm too tired to do anything, let alone wear a mask. Sometimes my husband walks in to find me fast asleep next to baby and it's not even 10pm. (^_^); We have slept through the whole night while leaving all the lights and air-conditioning turned on in the whole house due to exhaustion! 

Sometimes we go out in the evenings and by the time we get home, baby is too exhausted to change into her PJs so we just let her sleep comfortably.

Some days even the baby car seat joins us in bed. I let it hang around our bedroom for a few days until we need to go somewhere with baby in the car.

Once baby is asleep - Mommy Freedom Time!

Hubby and I meet up to catch up on our day and review our weekly calendar on the board. Our days are filled with random meetings, lunches, dinners and family obligations so it's always good to have it up on a board to be discussed every night. 

I try to avoid catching up on work at this hour but if there is something urgent to catch up on, I do it quickly and accurately while nursing a cup of chinese tea! 

Otherwise I will be watching IFLIX/Netflix with hubby while folding laundry and snuggling up to the love of my life. Hubby will then inevitably fall asleep 10 minutes into the second episode of a TV show, I will wake him up and then we will all tuck into bed for the night.

The End


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