Saturday, May 9, 2020

2 and 4 years old kids birthday cake ideas

Isn't it amazing that in the last birthday post in this blog, my first kid was only 1 years old?! Today we celebrated her 4th birthday.

One major item that they left out at Lamaze classes is the fact that if you are a mom you will probably be in charge of all family and holiday traditions - from Chinese New Year to Christmas and birthdays. I try to keep annual celebrations as realistic as possible (i.e. I won't kill myself trying to outdo/do the same fabulous thing every year until I can afford one of Kris Jenner's assistants).

Our Birthday Traditions

  • Crazy cakes 
  • A birthday letter to the child (I published the 1 year old letter in this blog post but have decided to keep the rest private) 
  • RM100 in each letter for the child to find later on. I haven't decided yet on what age they should be receiving all their birthday letters, because I am making this up as I go along 
  • No birthday parties for any kid until they are old enough to beg, plead, help out in the planning of their birthday party 
  • Birthday presents are optional because they already have plenty of books and toys to last a whole childhood 
  • Hugs and kisses and incessantly tossing the kid up in the air while congratulating them on their birthday is obligatory 

Two year old's birthday party 

Having birthdays during MCO lockdown in Malaysia is awesome because I don't have to find an excuse not to have a birthday party (other than the fact that I am totally 100% not a party planner) and it's nice not to have to worry if I should take the kids to the aquarium, zoo, indoor park for their birthdays.

All we had was cake, KFC and party hats to celebrate my 2 year old's birthday which he has probably forgotten about by now.

I got him a custom poop cake. Because... he's a baby who eats a lot.

emoji poo cake

emoji poo cake

emoji poo cake

Four year old's birthday party 

She doesn't play video games but that didn't stop her from watching Super Mario games on YouTube (kids these days). For the past 50 days she's been going on and on and on about Princess Peach so that became the theme for this year's birthday cake.

Some years she has 2-3 cakes because she'll need one to celebrate at daycare and then the Penang family will come so we'll have another cake, and then she'll have another cake just to celebrate with us (parents these days).

It's really weird but Googling Princess Peach cake shows me that it's really hard to recreate the Princess Peach character out of Marzipan ... so I actually ordered an Amiibo Princess Peach to be placed on top of the cake.

amiibo princess peach

And after that my cake guy designed the cake based on the following brief, "please make a Princess Peach castle and make it look pretty and use this Princess Peach." 

princess peach cake

And from this sketch he somehow made this amazing piece: 

princess peach cake

Later in the afternoon I came across this comic and I thought it was so meaningful and apt. As an ex-gamer who completed Mario Bros handheld game, I look forward to the kids being old enough to play video games. I also look forward to retiring so I can pick up video games again (hehe). 

My daughter is also really into Wiggles right now and has been asking for an Emma dress for the longest time. I went through a really hard time trying to buy this off Lazada, it was refunded twice before a seller finally accepted my money and shipped me my Emma dress.

What a lucky day that it arrived right on her birthday:

emma dress malaysia

Every day I do my best to look my kid in the eye and ask her if she's happy. Today she said she had a wonderful day, and that is enough for me. Just be happy, kid. And happy 4th birthday! 

In case you need some inspiration, here are some crazy cakes I've arranged for over the years: 

monkey jelly cake

Born in the year of the monkey and I was still nervous about giving my firstborn sugar, cream, icing, etc. so I ordered a lychee jelly cake with monkeys 

frozen cakefrozen cake frozen cake frozen cake

At 2 years old, my daughter was crazy about everything FROZEN so she had two frozen cakes (one at home and another at daycare) 

princess sofia cakeprincess sofia cake 

One day she watched Princess Sofia on TV and asked for a Princess Sofia cake but I couldn't find a doll with brown hair so this is actually Ariel from the Little Mermaid dressed up as Princess Sofia. Then her dad made a fuss saying it's important that Princess Sofia has a necklace because it glows every time Princess Sofia does a good deed so we got the baker to create a necklace from marzipan. 

peppa pig cake

At age 3 she discovered Peppa Pig so... naturally... this was the year I gave up and decided let's just have one cake and that will be a good enough birthday for a 3 year old.

paw patrol cake
My son was born in the year of the dog so naturally.. Paw Patrol cake!!! And also, my daughter liked Paw Patrol and I had a hard time trying to remember all the characters name (Chase, Marshall, Skye, erm...) 

paw patrol cake

I don't really have an idea of what the ideal kids birthday party should look like (other than a lot of people coming by to drop off bags of money for their college fund) so I am just doing whatever I like since the babies won't remember much of it when they grow up anyway. 

And right now, just having the excuse to eat and celebrate the best people in the world with crazy cakes is my kind of fun. If you ask me, any excuse to eat cake is fun! 

Also, here are my cake guy details - highly recommended, his cakes are always fresh flavourful and tastefully done. Most importantly, he delivers the cake directly to you so no stress about falling cakes: Whip Up KL (contact me personally if you'd like the boss phone number)


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