Sunday, May 17, 2020

Chloe Ting 2 Weeks Shred Challenge Review

Before the Covid lockdown, I tried all kinds of exercises:

  • 16,000 steps a day for 10 days (less bloating but no weight loss) 
  • Treadmill walking at a 3.5 incline for 30 minutes (no results) 
  • 16 hours fasting (this is the best but due to my busy schedule I couldn't find time to eat during the 8 hour period) 
  • And I also attended  a weekly TRX class at the gym

During Covid, I decided to make it a habit to keep working out everyday because I only recorded a daily 1,000+ steps everyday due to home confinement. So I was super inactive and because I was at home a lot I ate a lot, every hour there was something in my mouth.

I really liked this 10 minute exercise video by April Han:

april han exercise video

It's super short and sweet!

But for some reason it stopped working after 2 weeks and I never really got the muscle definition I wanted. I think after I complete the Chloe program I will go back to this video.

So I tried the Chloe Ting 2 Weeks Shred Challenge after watching YouTube reviews. The results:

Chloe Ting 2 Weeks Shred Challenge Review

Do keep in mind that my tummy previously also stored 2 babies and I never really got rid of the pregnancy fat. Hehe.

Funny enough I still didn't manage to lose weight but my tummy is much smaller and my stomach muscles are tauter. Overall I would call this challenge effective and recommend it to other people considering that I usually only did 2-3 of her videos everyday because I have no patience and energy to workout longer than 20-30 minutes.

Chloe Ting also has so many more free programs available, so do check her page out.

I think it's important to keep switching up programs after 2-4 weeks so your body will literally know a new kind of pain and grow from there. My other criteria for workout videos are:

Rule 1: Ideally 10-15 minutes long
Rule 2: No equipment needed
Rule 3: Allows me to eat whatever I want (because I have never successfully diet before) 

Hope this review helps someone! At the beginning it's hard but as long as you don't think about it and just start exercising in your shirt, shorts or even naked the results will start to show. One thing I realised is since I started exercising my body doesn't crave over eating as much and I can go for weeks and weeks without eating junk food.

Having said that, I still eat lots of sweets and dessert every day (cake, ice-cream, caramel coffee, sugar, sugar cookies, butter buns)...

Chloe Ting 2 Weeks Shred Challenge Review

My simple workout setup - a mat, laptop to watch the workout video and a movie or Netflix playing on the big TV to distract myself while I torture my body.

Even though we are back to the office tomorrow, I intend to continue working out from home later in the day. Hopefully 2020 will be the year I achieve six pack abs!


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