Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Cost of c-section at Prince Court (2018 price)

prince court private hospital room
Balloons by our family photographer, Sherine Loh whom I adore. I highly recommend having a photographer take photos during the birth day of baby (if possible) 

My baby is now 2 years old!

Understandably my post on the price of delivering a baby via c-section at Prince Court Hospital in 2016 is one of the most frequently read posts on my blog - literally thousands of people Google this all day, you would think the pricing would be available on the hospital website.

So instead of personally replying to messages about this, I'd like to share how much my second C-Section cost in 2018. Hopefully now that you know the price in 2016 and 2018 you will be able to have a rough estimation on the current price for c-section. 

It costed us RM15,890.48 including 2 nights at the hospital for an elective C-section at Prince Court KL. 

Here's the breakdown: RM12,522.93 for the operation

There were also additional charges here and there about extra RM400 for medicine like scar cream etc so I would suggest preparing about RM13,000 for the elective c-section. 

There is another separate charge for baby: RM3,367.55 

So in total the cost would be around the range of RM16,000. 

Also, in case you are wondering about the cost of the paediatrician or gynae at Prince Court:  

Before delivery, the monthly check up cost averaged at RM264.80 (scan of baby, listen to heartbeat, print photo and quick checkup with doc to ask any questions you may have) 

Post delivery check up costs depends on the vaccine required... I remember one time baby Jed had to have two injections on both thighs and that 1 minute experience costed us RM600 ... but you can't put a price tag on health, after all. Besides vaccination the doctor also checks that the baby is growing healthily, which is what my main priority is. 

Like my first pregnancy, my second pregnancy was taken care of by Doctor Paul Tay who is highly recommended. 

Like my first baby, my second baby was taken care of by Doctor Choy. You guys, I may still have some hormonal imbalance because as I type this I am feeling wistful now that baby Jed is 2 years old, his time of regularly visiting the doctor will come to an end because his vaccination calendar is almost complete ... and he is a super healthy bundle of joy. 

Both my babies with the infamous Prince Court baby hat. Isn't it weird that babies look identical when they're born . . . 

We checked in in the morning but because of this and that the surgery was around 4PM;
even 2 years later I can still remember that I was hungry but had to fast before surgery

prince court private room hospital
My bed for 2 nights really cheered me up - super comfy and nice, except that the nurses kept coming in every 2 hours to make sure everybody was still alive and well. I was so lucky, I got to watch Netflix while breastfeeding and sleeping, I hardly replied anybody's messages hehe.

prince court private room hospital
Imagine waking up to this view every day with your new baby in your arms

prince court hospital food
The main reason why I picked Prince Court besides the doctor was the food... I had ice-cream everyday. My confinement lady will never know. Muahahaha (pictured is beef lasagne)

prince court hospital room
Imagine falling asleep with this view... I left the curtains open all day because it was so pretty

prince court baby delivery
My little precious room mate. How did he get so big? I actually want to have more babies but I just don't have the capacity to take care of more. Sorry, little ovums. :(  

prince court hospital food

prince court hospital food
That's right, hospital patient who gets to eat fish and chips (they have a menu for you to choose from)

prince court c-sec price

Do I regret that I gave birth in such an expensive hospital? 

In total the cost of hospital visits plus delivery and baby stuff and confinement aunty and confinement food and confinement herbs is probably around the ball park of RM35,000 which is ... too much money to bring a little person into this world. 

We definitely could have had our second baby for half the price; but I would also like to share that if I had to do it again then I would. I was a super happy pregnant woman, I had a fun delivery and in a blink of an eye my chubby baby is now a handsome little toddler. 

Whatever you choose, remember to choose yourself first. Be a happy parent and your babies will naturally be happy too, I guarantee it. 

This are is left blank on purpose