Tuesday, May 19, 2020

First day back to the office!

I know I know, the war against Covid-19 is still ongoing and many predict it will be around until 2022. But we have decided that life must go on, and so my life is now ongoing. Today is the first day we open the office again!

face shield in the office

I bought these face shields from The Playground Borneo; they donate one face shield to frontliners for every face shield that you buy so I bought 20 to give to family and friends. Best of all, they deliver it directly to you FOC.  

What we are doing differently from the other companies 
  • All employees are back to work in the office 
  • Previously we enforced work from home Fridays, but due to work overload the past 50 days, everyone is now back in the office Monday to Friday to catch up
  • Sanitation is conducted daily according to SOP  
  • Gloves, masks, (awesome) face shields and sanitiser also provided 
  • Coffee, snacks and lunch is provided daily 
  • If you reach your daily KPI; go home - even if you achieved your daily goal by 10am. Just go home, no questions asked. There is only one daily KPI.
  • If you reach your weekly KPI early; go home for the rest of the week - even if you reached your weekly KPI on Tuesday, you can stay at home Wednesday to Friday, no questions asked. There is only one weekly KPI. 
  • Of course all of the above KPIs are very achievable.
Despite the competition to see who can leave the office early, everyone was way too happy to be back in the office laughing and talking and sharing stories, updating each other and brainstorming new ideas.

custom web cam cover from alibaba

Precious welcome back to office gift, because video calls are the future now 

Our shared office space was empty today and while so many companies continue to work from home (some turning this into a permanent arrangement), we are going the opposite way and are bringing the team closer (well, 1m apart, but close enough). To be honest, I think every company's DNA is different so some will do well working remotely; whereas other companies like JP Associates will probably do better while we work together. 

We work together, eat together, get rich together. 

I myself have no problem working from home, but there is something super precious about meeting all your team mates again after so long and having easy conversations, throwing ideas and thinking out loud without worrying about Internet lag or talking over each other during a Zoom meeting.

Going to work makes me happy, and the fact that my team members feel happy also makes me happy. 

I am going to work hard to protect my team and company! Let's go, 2020!

A day in a Business Owner's Life 

Meditate, journal, breakfast
Kiss babies  
Get into the office; refrain from hugging everybody 
Give out MITI approved travel letters and awesome face shields 
Take a group selfie with face shields 
Attend job brief, group meetings and set the team focus 
Count money 
Send out invoices for more money 
Buy kimchi for husband 
Feel worried about babies left at home so spy on them via webcam (they were pretend reading) 

I haven't decided when the kids should go back to daycare yet, so they are at home while I am at work. It weighs heavily on my heart but luckily we have good help and they are good kids. 

Eat delivery food in the office and watch Netflix with everybody (today we watched Kungfu Hustle
Review marketing and special projects in the era of Covid; choosing which projects to continue and which to put on hold for now

office lunch 

I follow the Chinese belief where if you want to work well together, you must eat together (and it also helps to watch a funny show everyone can laugh together) 

Drop by Toys R Us to pick up toys for babies because of mom guilt
Review team performance 
Drive home and play with babies
Early dinner
Count money again 
Catch up on local news, business news 
Read Jin Yong 

The End 

face shield in the office

Everyone going a little crazy by the end of the day 

jp associates


toys r us duplo box

I bought Jed duplo blocks because... I wanted to build it. It was awesome. We were in charge of building it and he was in charge of destroying it.

toys r us peel nail polish

My girl got nail polish that you can peel off ... because I haven't been to a nail parlor in years. 

Today was an overall good soft landing back into work. Tomorrow is when the real brain squeezing work begins; but all the same I would like to continue making it a habit of chronicling my day in Pam Writes a Blog as often as I can. 


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