Sunday, May 10, 2020

One Mom's Opinion on Mother's Day

I have an unpopular confession to make.

I have never thought I gave up my future, youth and potential for my children. Hence, Mother's Day is always an awkward day for me. I really don't feel like I sacrificed anything to deserve a whole day of celebration. 

If I want to relax, I'm going to relax. If I want to pamper myself, I'm not going to wait till Mother's Day to give myself permission to get pampering. 

Yes, there are crazy days and mad days - days of washing, cleaning, feeding, teaching and then sleepless nights staying up and worrying about a fever or nightmare. I guess there will be even more challenging nights and days to come as the children grow older and push for independence.

But I think as long as I remain happy, they will grow up to be happy children even if they don't get the "best" of the latest child raising standards. At the end of the day, women are now not forced to have children. It was my choice to bear children; so if I become a crazy strict mom who guilts her children, please remind me that my children don't owe me anything as well.

I think that as long as I love them unconditionally and raise them well; they will also love me unconditionally and become humans capable of kindness and love.

Serious thoughts aside, it's always nice to be appreciated around the house!

Although I asked for no presents today, I woke up to breakfast in bed:

mother's day idea

mother's day card

mother's day card

And after that we also made a Mothers Day card during online kids church class: 

mother's day card

P/S - Having said all that, I would never say no to foei gras or a freshly made burger for any reason (or no reason) at all 


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