Saturday, May 30, 2020

Stoicism Made Me Reflect on My Last 2 Weeks

For the first time ever, everyone experienced celebrating a major Malaysian holiday at home! Was it weird for you? I still can't believe Easter just passed us by; those poor uneaten chocolate bunnies ...

We played one Raya song in the office to celebrate! 

When I'm back home it is now very easy to be swallowed up by work and dreaming  the day away when I'm not busy chasing children around the house. The new post-MCO routine is havoc! It has been 2 weeks since I exercised and to do tasks are still piling up menacingly over my 5 feet tall frame.

Why Do Stoics Journal Every Day?

These couple of days, YouTube has been suggesting Daily Stoicism and I find it very interesting that one of the daily habits they mention to have an effective life is to practice daily journaling. I remember being a kid and writing in a diary everyday, heck I even remember spending a lot of my young adult life blogging but somehow when you are an adult you are supposed to keep everything inside and just get on with the business of things.

I think that is why for the past 2 weeks since I was back at work, I had no desire to log in and blog.

It is so easy to mute yourself and fall into a routine without really thinking about your why and how; it is easy to forget to be grateful and to remember that everyday, you should think about what you learned and how you can get better.

So here I go reflecting on my past 2 weeks -

princess peach costume Lazada malaysia

Remember her Super Mario Princess Peach cake? One Saturday morning she woke up and decided she was going to be Princess Peach the whole day. And so she was.

mario hat lazada malaysia

I also bought matching Mario and Luigi hats (Thank you Lazada!) but it's a little too big for the 2 year old now.

Last Sunday Daddy was in charge of handling the kids during online Sunday school via Zoom. My kids are on Zoom! I am honestly looking forward to disconnecting the kids from online videos ASAP post-covid. Mainly for safety reasons but also I think kids need to be with other kids physically.

These days the kids can play together peacefully for 5-10 minute blocks and my job is just to stare at them because I can't believe I made the two most amazing people in the Whole World.

Daddy and Jub's face art on the fridge. You make it by pressing stretch film over your face and drawing all over your face.

paper dolls malaysia midvalley

One evening we spent the hour before bedtime playing with paper dolls. Paper dolls used to be so precious to me because I only had hand-me-down paper dolls from my older sisters. But it did not break my heart when my kid said the paper doll had ugly clothes. The kid is right.

mickey mouse ice-cream

One afternoon, hiding upstairs and eating my kid's ice-cream.

Enjoying my privilege as a Mom to be weird and stroke/smell/kiss my kid's head anytime I want. It's fair because he uses me as his personal sofa.

Watching my kids from afar while they colour together. I was on my way upstairs to get back to work. I still work everyday, even though we are back in the office Monday to Fridays.

chocolate milk

Having a morning conversation with my kid. We were going to be late going into the office but it's OK, we were in a very important discussion about which tasted better - hot chocolate or cold milk chocolate in a packet?

yellow roses

The last time I bought flowers for the house, it all died. So I learned my lesson and I decided to buy flowers for the office this time.

This was on Friday after we came back from visiting the paediatrician; everyone was exhausted and I was worried Jed might have a reaction from the vaccination (he didn't and all the babies are fine). I discovered that the white marks on baby's arm is from an autoimmune reaction and that freaked me out a little bit, but turns out it's totally normal and my boy has a forever bad ass white mark on his arm now.

The air cond capacitor melted, so it wasn't blowing cold air anymore. My 4 year old decided to take charge of the situation and have a discussion about the air-cond performance with the repairman. We should all have this kid's level of self confidence. Does she not know she's 4 years old?

This photo was when I decided that YES, after 70+ days of staying at home, my kids are ready to go back to school (after discussing the risks with the paediatrician).

jin yong english translation

This is me realising that in the past 14 days I have been finding great joy every day in my family and at work; but I also need to find sometime for me. So I am going to make time every day to read while I drink my homemade Caramel Macchiato.

What I learned today 
1. Momento Mori - live as if it's your last day, your last week.
2. Do one thing at a time - be present at each moment (see point one)
3. Try to journal every day to reflect and be 1% better every day.

I am curious to know if I will be a different person by Christmas 2020. 


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