Sunday, June 14, 2020

A snapshot of my weekend

As I write this to you, my daughter is sitting next to me all snuggled up and talking non-stop, narrating everything that is happening on Ponyo.

ponyo studio ghibli

She is supposed to be in bed asleep but she startled herself awake. So... somehow... I couldn't say no to her cute face we negotiated; she is now sitting next to me in my lazy chair and we are watching Ponyo in the dark because I thought it would be cool.

But geez 4 year olds talk a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot, you guys.

How has your Friday, Saturday and Sunday been?

In between work, I managed to find some time for myself and also to have fun at the office and at home. I don't even want to lose one hour not having fun...

rakki the linc

We ordered expensive sushi from Rakki at the Linc! The nice young man in charge of the order recommended his other restaurant as well, called Wasabi that I will go visit too. I somehow talked my way into catering expensive lunch for the office every Friday because on other days we have economy rice.

kandle kandle

Our office is on the 18th floor so I also got scented candles to get rid of the food smell. I found this obscure candle shop in Penang called Kandle Kandle and they really smell nice, they sell soy candles that really smell expensive. It's RM85 for a regular sized jar and I bought mine on Shopee.

kandle kandle

And also, their wick is pretty cool - it's a piece of wood. I have a lot of fun lighting it every day!

kandle kandle

Another big contribution I made to humanity was introducing my children to Yam Yam. The children were so quiet for 10 minutes while they sat down and ate the snack together - no drama, no fighting, no sound - it was the best time ever. Basically you just take the biscuit part and stick it in the chocolate part and munch. Then you stick the biscuit part in the chocolate part again and repeat till no more biscuit parts.

Then, if you are my 2 year old son, you try to stick your whole face in the container trying to lick up all the chocolate.

yam yam

Sometimes I'm amazed that I get to be in charge of creating childhood memories for these people.

This is just between you and me, but I finally caved in and coloured my hair brown. If there was a way to dye my hair blue at home, I would have done it too!


After - not much difference because I have jet black Asian hair, but good enough for now. I don't have the patience to sit through 5 hours at the hairdresser anymore, so DIY 40-minute hair colour kits are the BOMB.

ali wong dear girls

I also started reading Ali Wong's book and I'm so glad I have it - I'm going to encourage the kids to read it before they start college because this woman only writes the TRUTH.

kandle kandle

I will light my Kandle tonight and wind down before a busy Monday... but before that, I'm going to quickly finish my journal post and join Jubilee in watching Ponyo's adventures. Yes, I also believe it's my parental duty to educate the kids on all Studio Ghibli movies, Star Wars and Harry Potter.

Good night, everyone! Let's have a great week ahead.

ponyo studio ghibli


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