Wednesday, June 24, 2020

A Very Good Day (TRX, Xiao Long Kan & The Intern)

Today was just one of those days where you can't believe your job is to do one fun thing after another... Writing this sentence down sobers me up as I also realise that I am responsible for making sure I create more opportunities for more fun things to happen in and around the lives of people around me. That is the inevitable responsibility of the business owner.

malaysia custom sugar cookies

Finally, pretty sugar cookies that aren't sweet! Cookies by a baker in Subang Jaya - Ainn Lee 

JP sugar cookies arrived today! These are for our client visits and watching how excited the JP team is about the cookies makes me HAPPY ~ If the team loves it this much, the clients are definitely going to fall in love.

trx class malaysia

See how long and lean my legs are after being tortured for 45 minutes; I won't be able to walk straight tomorrow 

After 3 months enjoying my time away from the gym, today was the day they finally re-started TRX class and by the end of it my body was still moving but my mind was blank. Everything hurts now at 10pm so I guess it will still hurt tomorrow morning.

Why is it so unfair? I exercised almost everyday during MCO, so why is my body obviously weaker after not going to the gym for 3 months?

But it was fun because I suffered with the rest of the JP team (we do weekly TRX workouts together for bonding and to laugh at each other).

Xiao Long Kan steamboat

Serve your elders tea! Fun fact, I am turning 36 next week! 

Xiao Long Kan steamboat

Highly recommended soup at Xiao Long Kan - mushroom, mala and my favourite tomato soup 

Then after much showering and working in the morning, we rushed to have the famous Xiao Long Kan steamboat at Mid Valley before the lunch crowd. I am IN LOVE, I love the steamboat so much that I am going to bring my Penang family there and I'm salivating just thinking about how I'm going to enjoy cooking and eating the tomato paste from that restaurant this weekend.

Xiao Long Kan steamboat

That silver packet I'm clutching tightly even in group photo is the tomato soup paste. 

This is then followed by ... work. Working a lot, laughing a lot while we work and working some more. The day is especially special because Intern 001, the very first staff I hired after establishing JP dropped by for lunch and we celebrated his brief hiatus from UK due to the Covid situation.

The story about Intern 001 

In 2018, I felt it was time to start building the JP team but I didn't know what the process would look like. Back then our office could only fit two people. So I hired Phileas and he is easily our favourite and best intern ever. Through him, all employee processes was created and improved upon so when we were finally ready to hire Amanda in June of 2019, I kind of knew what I was doing - because it was very important that I got the culture right.

Even though his internship ended in December 2018, Phileas stayed on the payroll by working for us remotely. 2018 turned into 2019 and here we are in the middle of 2020, having lunch with my favourite dude. Even better, he's happy to come work with us since he's on semester break right now.

My favourite line from him today was, "I waited so long for today."

He may just be the intern, but I'm darn proud and happy that he's our intern. He will probably still be our intern even 20 years later when Forbes Magazine calls him the youngest billionaire tech moghul of the year.


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