Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Children's first day at daycare/kindy

To each his own, to each his own - this is what I keep telling myself when I stumble across a conversation on the parenting group about how some people choose to take their kids out, some prefer keeping their kids at home whereas others implement sanitation SOPs and limit outdoor activities for their children. It's the time of Coronavirus and everyone wants what's best for each other. To each his own.

Today we decided to start the kids in their new daycare. After having these little people run amok for nearly 80 days in the house, it was time (in our household) to let them get back into society and become other people's problem so they can explore the Great Big World Out There Within Reason According To Their Mother.

I was really, really excited about the kids starting at their new school. It took sometime for us to find the right kindy for them where there is literally no syllabus and no report card, no academic achievement to achieve - literally all they do is chase chickens and climb trees - and they get to do this until they're 6 years old.

Then Covid-19 happened and our start date of April was delayed until... today.

The oddest thing happened last night. My heart broke.

As I checked and double-checked everything and loaded the car with all the gear, I started feeling sad and happy and then sad again as I thought how fast the kids were growing up. Soon they will be moving off to college, they will get boyfriends and girlfriends and will "forget" to call their mother.

Look at their cute little water bottles!

So I turned off all the lights, checked the doors were locked then went upstairs and snuggled with my youngest.

Two years. How did he get to be two years old? I can stare at him all day, you guys.

Then somewhere in the middle of the night  the asshole he tried to kick me out of my own bed several times, started mumbling about a nightmare and I ended up hugging his butt to sleep.

Jubilee did very well on her first day of school; she was up and ready 2 hours before we were supposed to leave and acted as if she was the queen of the playground. Jed on the other hand had not seen another human for nearly 3 months and he was terrified of everyone. It was funny and sad and reinforced my confidence that it's time for the kids to mingle with other kids.

Children are very adaptable and by lunch time they were playing and eating, running around and napping like Very Good Toddlers and Children.

Tomorrow will be Day Two - we will be up earlier to get to school earlier. Things will be different and our life will officially be different again as we adapt our lifestyle to suit the needs of the children.

I hear the sound of springs and keys locking into place as my life twists a little closer to the lives of my children. I hold on to it, cherish it and experience it because one day I will need to let go. But not yet, not today and not tomorrow.


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