Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Did TNB give you a high electricity bill?

Nobody ever reads the mail that arrives in our house. I probably open my mail once every 6 months but I thought today would be a Good And Important Day to read my mail as I've been reading way too many news articles about the Malaysian public complaining about their bills - high electricity bills and high water bills incurred during MCO. 

Oh boy.

Malaysian mail
My big pile of envelopes... some date back to February 2020. Sorry, Mr Postman! I will read all of it tonight. 

malaysian water bill

Surprisingly my water bill is quite alright. I always just put in a lump sum around RM100 at the beginning of the year and forget about the water bill for the rest of the year (since we own our house and don't plan on going anywhere). 

But my electricity bill was nowhere to be found! 

So I said a prayer and logged on to my TNB portal to review the bill. 

TNB myportal high electricity bills

And surprisingly, shockingly the electricity bill is quite alright as well. Is it because we live in a new development with new TNB meters? 

Anyway, I am glad that the household bills are within affordable parameters. It's funny to think that 7 years ago when I just got married, I had seriously no idea how to pay any utility bills.  

Meanwhile at the office, we watched Shaun of the Dead today. We usually just watch half of a movie everyday so it takes us 2 days to finish one movie. I took this photo while I was pacing up and down because action horror movies stress me out; so I have to literally walk off my stress. 

My mini-me and I say good night, sleep tight. Tomorrow is a brand new day. 

Tomorrow is a big day for me. After over 3 months, I am finally heading back to the gym. I have not exercised since we went back to the office (ahem, because lazy) so you can see my cute little tummy pouch. I feel like working on my flexibility, so I will do yoga for the next 2 weeks and update you on the results.


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