Friday, June 5, 2020

How far have you gone in 6 months?

colony office space

There is an empty office right outside our shared pantry area and it reminds me of how far we've come since moving into a proper grown up office space in 2018.

colony office space

This empty office space is the exact same size as our very first JP office - large enough only to fit two petite people.

This evening as I was rushing to mail out one last thing at the Mailbox and I was already over 1.5 hours late in getting home; the nice young lady at the counter nicely told me to keep my iPhone and not leave it around on the sales countertop- you know, in case someone stole it. That's when I knew geez, I have to breathe and get things together before I start leaving all my stuff all over the office block.

Then I realised that I was still in the office while traffic was building up outside, I forgot my bubble tea in the pantry, my arms ache because I'm holding my laptop, books, bread and cookies for the kids and a care pack for a client as well as my handbag and I just knew I had to breathe.

So I did my mailing, thanked the two shop girls for being so nice to me and then I drove in a meditative state all the way home. Luckily traffic was better by then and it only took me 30 minutes to get home.

We have grown JP Associates by 900% in the past year alone and we are now one of the main anchor tenants of our shared office space. Logically, mathematically, statistically speaking, we should be able to make it to 2021 and beyond but right now the market is up in the air and you just need to have faith and keep plodding on.

I just need to remind myself to not push so hard. Pause, breathe.

malaysia custom printing tshirt

By the way! This year's company t-shirt is out; we spent less than RM500 for it and the shirt feels like a second skin! This year we got ours from the guys at Startup Tshirt. Have a great 3-day weekend! I'm going to spend it working, playing, reading and ... probably working just a little bit more.

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malaysia custom printing tshirt startup

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