Monday, June 29, 2020

How to decorate a wall tapestry and frames together? I think I kind of did it

I hate offline traditional brick-and-mortar shopping; I can survive years without stepping into a shopping mall. I can also go months and months without buying anything online but when I do buy... oh man, I really am the queen of buying lots and lots of random stuff online.

tapestry art frame wall feature

This is the shopping list of random things I bought from ONE website, with the reasoning that most of it is for husband (although he didn't ask for any of it, sigh. I really need to reflect on my online shopping pattern):

life warehouse malaysia
(Everything purchased from Life WareHouse Malaysia)

Doesn't everything look SO CUTE! I saw a Spam Air Pods casing too, but decided that was probably too much for a 40 year old man to carry around. Let's not give all the excitement away! I might get him that for Christmas.

life warehouse malaysia

What really caught my eye was this beer tapestry, although I don't and can't drink alcohol.

I thought it was funny so I impulsively bought it for the office but by the time it was delivered I still couldn't decide if I wanted to frame it or just hang it like a normal tapestry. What about the other random art work I make people in the office look at all day? How will everything fit in together, including art that was already on the walls when we first moved into the office?

So we spent an hour on Friday trying to make sense of everything.

Intern on the table!

And on Saturday I dropped by the office to work and also to re-arrange the layout and the result is... yes, hanging tapestry and framed art work can go together in an eclectic sort of way.

feature wall tapestry art photo frame art

I know, everything is going to be topsy turvy again the next time I pass by a cheap random piece of art that I like. I think it stems from growing up around the house, my parents would have random piece of art (or it could be free art that came with buying photo frames) that I would stare at while having my meals.

Saturday was a productive day. Besides finalising the feature wall and marketing planning, I also managed to get the car serviced and washed - - - and the car servicemen FOUND A BRAND NEW PACKET OF SALT CANDY UNDER THE SEAT. That is how messy life is right now and I'm glad I'm growing up to appreciate it.

10 years ago if you told me I would have a messy car, I would be so upset. But now I know it's messy because so many people are using it everyday. People who are alive and healthy and laughing and going places are sitting in my car everyday. How could you get upset about that?

Today at work I also had a mini crisis. Baby Jed loves sleeping with these soft toy dinosaurs we got at a Google event but it keeps being left behind at home/upstairs/downstairs or in today's case, the dinosaur literally fell into the pond at school. 

So, I went on Lazada and bought more dinosaurs as backup (RM11.90 each)... 

dinosaur soft toy lazada
Delivery and packaging was great, but then... why is it so SMALL!!! 

dinosaur soft toy lazada
Left - 3 new dinosaurs so I can leave one at playschool, one in the car and another one for his sister. 
Right - the original sized dinosaur 

Also... more books came from Bookxcess today because it's KL International Book Fair now. 

the big book of giant dinosaurs

the montessori method feelings

The Montessori Method Feelings - isn't it cute? You get to create what mood you're feeling right now. Jubilee created my face and said, "mommy is pretty". 

Journaling is great. I see now that the title of this post shouldn't be about how I successfully merged wall tapestry and frame art together. It should be about how Pam Has a Major Problem with Online Shopping. 

OK, no more online shopping for the rest of 2020*. From now on if I want to get something, I am going to walk the 3,000 steps it takes from our office to the nearest shopping mall and physically make myself choose, line up and buy for an item. 

* No more online shopping unless I need to buy something for the office 


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