Thursday, June 18, 2020

I am exercising again!

king eternal monarch

Watching The King Eternal Monarch while working out because the storyline is very easy to follow 

Dear Internet, why is it so hard to find motivation to exercise? Why can't we all be gym bunnies and work ourselves into hot bods like the one Jennifer Lopez has without mentally torturing ourselves about it everyday?

I have not been working out for the past 4 weeks.

No, there is no particular reason why I suddenly decided not to work out. It just suddenly wasn't interesting to me anymore.

As a result, I have a small little pudgy tummy again and I guess today was a good day to start working out again before people ask me if I'm pregnant again with a third kid.

So I worked out.

The secret is don't motivate yourself. Don't pep talk. Just haul ass, find your personal time, get your matt out, turn on the TV and start working out. It's 2020 now, everybody's a fitness guru on YouTube so there is zero reason why we should be fatty bom boms.

DON'T THINK. JUST DO. Before you know it, the 20 minutes of workout is done and then you can move on to the next workout video or if you're like me, lay flat on the mat and try to feel your legs.

Suddenly working out after not working out for weeks is a pain in the ass and legs and abdomen.

But I'm glad I started although it's only 9PM now and I'm already sleepy and ready to doze off for the night.

I'm following a new Yoga Youtuber now so I will update my workout regime in 2 weeks and 4 weeks to see if there's any progress in my body. I decided to try a new fitness video to keep things interesting, and I also particularly like following mom YouTubers because if a hot YouTube mom can look like a fitness model, then so can you!

But also to be honest, I don't really workout for myself because you can just dress differently to flatter your body shape, right?

But you can't hide being unfit when you have 2 healthy boisterous kids who climb trees and jump off couches. You need stamina and energy and a whole lot of crazy to keep up with both of them.

We have so many chairs in the house but my kid insists on sitting on people

So I will work out to keep encouraging my kids to be healthy as well, so I can keep on carrying my babies as best as I can without falling over.


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