Tuesday, June 2, 2020

I know the secret to working 5 hours a day!!!

TLDR, the secret is to make the most important work the first thing you work on in the morning. And if you can't accomplish the task in the morning, then break it down so it becomes possible to complete major milestones day by day.

What I reflected on today - 

Procrastination is no good but for people like me, it's impossible for me to keep chugging on the whole day especially when I have a family and business to run. I can't just keep my head buried in work all day so if you're anything like me, just think about what ABSOLUTELY must be done today and get it done first thing in the morning. Suddenly there will be a mental shift and the rest of your day runs so much smoother.

No wonder people like to exercise in the morning!

I also learned to not pack so many things in my morning. I would love to be a morning person but this year is NOT the year because one day my babies aren't going to want to snuggle with me anymore. So this morning even though I was up at 6AM, I spent an hour just holding my baby as if I would never have the opportunity to hold him again. My dude is a big warm ball of masculine love now but I have no doubt he will grow into a 7 foot tall hunky hunk one day... so I better hug and cuddle him all I can right now.

I think it's OK if you don't wake up, meditate, journal, work out, solve world hunger and have a low calorie breakfast before 9AM. It's not forever, just for now.

Think about it. You nearly died. 

We are all in the middle of a pandemic and we all could have suffered really bad economic, health, financial, personal fates but the fact that you are reading this proves that you survived a major worldwide event. PHEW. Now is not the time to be going through the motions; it's the time to LIVE IN THE MOMENT.

Tamela starbucks hazelnut latte
Today was a good day (financially) so I treated myself to a cup of Starbucks. My barista still spells my name wrongly. Very wrongly. But I guess it's a part of the experience now.

Shopee gift box
Packing special Covid-19 care packages for clients and candidates makes my heart happy. I only did 1% of the work and the amazing Crystal did the rest

kids makeup set malaysia
kids makeup set malaysia

Jub is really into makeup now and I am really into dotting on my daughter even if she wants to put lipstick on my eyebrows it's fine...

bread apple pie home made

My favourite thing about having colleagues... sharing food! Crystal's mom made homemade apple pie for the whole office today. Money can't buy this, you guys.

red prawn durian malaysia
It's also durian season again and I finally tasted black thorn durian and decided that my favourite durian is still red prawn durian. And red prawn is cheap! Black thorn is RM90/kg whereas red prawn is RM40/kg from my durian supplier anyway. 

doraemon uniqlo kids pyjamas

Today is also a special day because the kids are asleep now; they are both wearing Doraemon pyjamas from Uniqlo and nothing bonds siblings together like wearing ugly cute pyjamas together. I feel privileged that I have the opportunity to provide this sibling experience for them just like what my parents provided for me.

My heart is full, my tummy is very full and my brain is heavy. Time for bed! It is now 10:01pm.


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