Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Makeup during Covid-19 - Jill Stuart Contact Lens review

Makeup is so simple but it's still essential; I personally still wear lipstick even when I'm just staying in the house all day because I always want my husband and children to think that I'm pretty.

Jill Stuart contact lens malaysia

Wearing my favourite - pink Jill Stuart contact lens

I get a kick out of my daughter saying that when she grows up, she wants to be pretty like mommy. Ahem.

And more importantly, putting on make up is fun! I like playing an audiobook/Netflix in the background and then lighting a candle before I get started on getting myself dolled up for the day.

But... with getting the kids ready and making sure we are out the door by 7AM, I just keep my makeup simple this time.

Why spend all your time putting on make up if half your face is covered when you go out? Your makeup highlight should focus on your eyes... 

I finally found contact lens that's wearable and pretty - Jill Stuart Contact Lens that's available at all Paris Miki outlets! If not, just message the supplier's Facebook page - SEED Contact Lens

Wearing green Jill Stuart contact lens

Jill Stuart contact lens malaysia
Wearing blue Jill Stuart contact lens 

Jill Stuart contact lens malaysia

I'm too lazy busy to keep topping up my daily contact lenses and I couldn't decide on which lenses I want so in the end I got all 3 colours. Moving forward once I'm done with all 6 boxes (2 boxes per colour); I think I will stick with pink! I like that it doesn't make your eyeball look fake but the colour is still quite pretty. As expected my eyes are too dark, so the blue and green lenses don't really show off prettily on my iris. 

Yes, there are days when I'm so tired that I need to put eye drops in my eyes but generally on most days I stick the contacts in at 6AM and look forward to removing it when I get home at around 5PM. No more eye makeup required to look interesting in person! 

The Price of Jill Stuart Contact Lens in Malaysia 

I bought a lot of boxes so in total I paid RM350 for 6 boxes. They were running a promo of RM130 for 2 boxes, and for each box purchased at Paris Miki you will get additional 2 pieces of lenses. 

So my current 6AM makeup routine is:
1. Put in contact lens
2. Eye cream 
3. Face cream 
4. Foundation into red spots around T-zone
5. Contemplate how today is the first day of the rest of the my life
6. Blusher 
7. Lipstick 
8. Get excited that I'm almost done with makeup and can go have coffee 
9. Eyebrows 
10. Perfume 
* All completed in 5 minutes because you are a mom 

That's the end of today's beauty sharing! I'm off to drink cappuccino and read my book for tonight. 


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