Monday, June 1, 2020

Old people thinking

Dear Internet,

I slept past my 6a.m. alarm today but with good reason - I had a dream about ... nevermind.

how to level up when you're old

It's funny that I am nearly 36 years old but still struggle with sleeping properly. I feel like I missed the jump off point where you transition properly and officially from Young Adult Who Makes Poor Life Decisions to Serious Responsible Adult.

Or maybe all adults are like me and still fail at standard life routines such as sleeping, exercising, drinking and exercising sufficiently - we just don't really talk about it.

Either way, I realise that it's probably because I still stay up way too late and even when I am in bed I am still on my phone browsing 9gag or reading up on Malaysian politics (I know, it's not healthy, I know, I know).

So tonight I will do something different and meditate myself to sleep. Only 30 minutes allotment allowed on 9gag, otherwise sometimes I can stay up till 1am reading random stuff on my phone.

Isn't it funny how we have access to so much information now but the general population's intelligence isn't any smarter? Or maybe it is and we just don't talk about it.

Today was a good day. We had many wins in the office and then we took a break to pick up clothes for our growing children at MidValley. Uniqlo is the best - generic clothes that are breathable and airy to suit the Malaysian temperature; and kids clothes average at RM20-RM25 per piece. Although I don't like shopping, today's detour to MidValley was good as I noticed more people in shops and could literally hear money exchanging hands. Please let the Malaysian economy continue to move forward, that will be the best for everyone in the country.

On another thought; I feel so much richer and light-hearted when I was just an employee of a company. It was so much easier to plan personal finances and separate work and personal life.

So ... why is it even though I think it's so much more fun to be an employee, I don't think I ever want to live that life again?

Is this what they call the entrepreneurial bug - to be willing and prepared to sacrifice time, youth, money and creativity to bring a business idea to life?

Or maybe all entrepreneurs are crazy and we just don't talk about it. Don't we tend to celebrate the crazy ones, though?

Anyway I am going to get ready for bed now; the time is 9:58pm.

Good night and good bye, Monday! You have been good to me.


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