Thursday, June 11, 2020

Pam, should I start a business?

Our lawyer told us not to start the business until we had XYZ. But we had nothing, just a few months worth of savings and a baby on the way. So we started the business anyway.

4 years later, we finally received the piece of paper which will make the next 2 years an interesting one. And on and on our little ball of hope and lint rolls, gathering momentum and girth as we push ahead, unsure of what the future is but we roll with it anyway. Growing up in a family of business people, I had failed to notice the uncertainty, the worry, the pressure and stress of working on an enterprise that will either make you rich or cause you to find yourself jobless and in ruins at age 40.

So, no pressure. Just roll along and do the best you can.

This is why when people tell me they want to be business people, I tell them yes, that's a great idea. You should totally do it - and I help them as much as I can without asking for anything in return. Because dude, starting is easy. Keeping the show going is when things get a bit iffy (but fun).

TLDR; running a business is not just setting up a company, hiring people and then collecting money. But it's fun because it's more than that, it's crazy. We are all one step from disaster (see: Covid-19).

Do you think people are born to be business people or some are moulded into it?

I think just like art, some people are born to do business. Others are forced to do business to survive.

In my case, I was just lucky to be born in a family with a business and suddenly, without realising it suddenly I am a business person too.

So I guess it's hard to say, it's like life's lottery. I am just optimistically hoping that when the lottery number is called, I get an okay-hand because I can't imagine anything else being more fun than choosing this as my life vocation.

In other news, while business occupies 70% of my brain space...

money bouquet flower shopee malaysia

I was overly excited about Father's Day gift so I gave it to Jeffrey early - it's a RM500 money bouquet! I sure know how to spoil my husband. Amber taught me that this is called 有钱花! I ordered mine from a nice girl from Johor via Shopee - she replies fast and packaged it well. There goes my shopping money for the month but it's totally worth it. To make it even sweeter, Jeffrey doesn't even want to spend it, he just wants to look at it and feel rich.

poodle groom furball haven sri hartamas malaysia

My dear poodle (I have two poodles!!!) Cheffie got groomed today. I'm so glad I live in this era where I can arrange for a random stranger to taxi my poodles to a petshop in KL to be groomed by another stranger before they are ferried back home - safe and sound and pretty. Thank you, Internet! My dogs are groomed by Cecilia who owns Furball Haven pet shop in Sri Hartamas.

End of today's journal. I will now have a chai tea latte and read Ali Wong's book before turning in for the night. It was a great day today.


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