Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Snapshot of a Recruiter’s office

I am resisting sleep now. Jubilee suddenly woke up after bedtime and wanted her mommy, so we are both in bed in the dark; both of us pretending to be asleep. Only, I can’t sleep because I’m in the wrong bed.

But I love tonight because I’m ending my day cuddling a little cutie pie. One day when she’s a teenager I’m not sure if she’s still going to let me cuddle her (but I will do my best to sell the idea to her).

Here are some funny updates from the office where I spend a lot of my time these days, considering that we don’t even leave the office to have lunch now.

face mask reminder

face mask reminder

We kept forgetting our face masks... even with the post-it reminder. 

top secret folder

This is our junior recruiter’s folder. Isn’t it cute? She labeled it top secret because the contents really are a secret... 

nescafe dulce gusto coffee machine review

I really like the Nescafe Dulce Gusto coffee machine at home so I upgraded the coffee machine in the office and now everyone is having fun pretending to be a Starbucks barista ♥️

apple magic mouse prank

And also I got pranked today. Someone stuck a post it under my optical mouse. And even better!!! Turns out it wasn’t even my mouse, they swapped the mouse around because we all use the same mouse in the office. I am so proud.

It’s only 10:35 but I am so sleepy. Good night! I will run a data scraping script and go to bed.


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