Monday, June 15, 2020

The problem with journaling online

The stoic idea of journaling everyday is to help you find your focus and live effectively. However, the problem with journaling every day online is that as a recruiter, 99.99% of my job is private and confidential. It also happens to take up 70% of my brain and day.

nobu memoir bookxcess

Be that as it may, I am currently reading Nobu's memoir and although he shares his successes and failures (that he can remember, after all dude is 71 years old this year and the book starts of with him admitting that he can't remember much of his childhood); he doesn't share his absolute secrets on how he continues to make amazing dishes or divulges the secret to running 29 Nobu restaurants around the world.

So I think it may be possible to journal my daily thoughts and happenings without giving away secrets.

Also, about Nobu, he is a super genius and I didn't know he invented salmon salad and soft shell crab maki - both of which are my favourite things to eat at Sushi Zanmai. I have never been to Nobu KL before! I will have to work hard and hope I get the chance to visit someday when I'm super rich and fabulous.

Because I like to eat a lot, one thing many people don't know about me is that until I met my husband, I was a simple Klang girl who only ate McDonalds, bak kut teh, char kueh teow or dim sum. Until this day my favourite food of all time is still asam laksa. I can eat 4-5 bowls of that noodles in one day. I am nowhere near a food connoisseur although these days I never say no to pan seared foei gras (which is actually pretty common now, right guys?)

pop pizza midvalley

I am also an avid fan of pizza and today the kids at the office introduced us to this amazing pizza place at MidValley called Pop Pizza. It is so amazingly good that I had to bring some slices home for the kids to try. And it's so insanely good that I am actually going to have it again on Friday night. I guess this is the end of my habitual Dominos and Pizza Hut delivery. But it's for the better! Pop Pizza is so much healthier and baked fresh.

pop pizza puma shoes

Have you ever wanted to be someone else? Today I looked at the pile of stuff for Jubilee that arrived at work and I thought gee, it sure is nice to be that little 4 year old girl. I bought her cute little pink puma shoes with wings and her daddy bought her lots of surprise eggs (daddy is currently in love with Shoppee bargains)

I am feeling very grateful and blessed that we can impress our kids with cheap toys are allowed peaceful, happy days like this in the office and at home. 

LOL surprise eggs

Today at playschool, the teacher stopped us from driving off because Jubilee was in tears - we had forgotten to give her the routine hugs and kisses before we left so she started bawling. 

So we rushed out of the car and ran back into the school compound and kissed and hugged her... which then triggered our 2 year old son to start crying when he saw his big sister getting cuddles and he didn't get any. 

So! Jubilee had to run to her younger brother and give him plenty of hugs and kisses for us. 

Let the seasons change and time pass, but may every day be filled with giggles, hugs and kisses. 

Business Challenge - Marketing with zero budget
I have always wanted a low-key business, something that's enough to sustain the family and allow us to retire modestly with random holidays here and there. For the past 4 years our business has had zero marketing and advertising... until the MCO happened. Now I feel a grave responsibility to help as many people as I can find employment so they can thrive and survive 2020.

So our social media is up and we have several marketing projects in the pipeline - all without budget and without much manpower. So far, we have 210+ Instagram followers; 400+ LinkedIn followers and 10 Facebook Fans (our #1 Facebook Fan is my mother in law who likes all our posts). What on earth am I doing being in charge of marketing? Oh well. We will see.

Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine!


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