Thursday, June 25, 2020

Today I adopted 10 butterfly pupas

adopt melaka butterfly farm sanctuary

When I was 9 or 10 years old, one of my happiest childhood memories was spent at the Melaka butterfly park. I remember I wore a yellow tshirt and it was bright enough that butterflies would land all over me and my siblings. We left the park with a red butterfly farm shirt and I would wear that shirt at Pendidikan Jasmani class for many years after that.

adopt melaka butterfly farm sanctuary
Nobody visits butterfly parks anymore now, mostly because of Covid-19. So when I heard that you can adopt a pupa to help keep the farm operating, of course I wanted to help.

Normally, I would just donate some money and be done with it. But the kids were starting pre-school in a forest school where they already have chickens, fishes and bunnies and quails ---- wouldn't their garden be the perfect home for butterflies?

After asking permission from the wonderful headmistress (who looks like she seriously stepped out of an Enid Blyton/Roald Dahl/Korean drama show), I did the crazy and sent the school 10 unique butterflies.

adopt melaka butterfly farm sanctuary

Today I felt butterflies all over my stomach because I didn't  know how excited the teachers and children would be; even the butterfly farm people were excited that these 10 unique butterflies were going to school (each adopted butterfly is a different species).

Here's a video from the school showing the kids and teacher having a conversation about why butterflies are important for the eco-system (audio removed for privacy).

You can adopt a butterfly at home too! Here's the link to the Butterfly Adoption page. I guarantee you the site looks plain but it definitely works and the people who work there are amazing and sweet.

You don't have to spend RM300 like me, just buying one pupa will do (RM20 + RM10 delivery), they also have a more expensive set at RM50 which includes tickets to the butterfly farm as well.

adopt melaka butterfly farm sanctuary

I'm looking forward to revisiting the Melaka butterfly park again a few years later when the babies are older. It will be interesting because when I was a kid, I wasn't terrified of butterflies. But now that I am an adult, BUTTERFLIES ARE GROSS (but also lovely and wonderful... from far away).

Good night, everyone!

adopt melaka butterfly farm sanctuary

adopt melaka butterfly farm sanctuary

UPDATE 29 JUNE 2020 - 

The butterflies hatched! My babies are looking at baby butterflies! The feeling is awesome. I'm so glad the butterflies made it from Melaka to KL safely. Live well, butterflies! Thank you for being a part of my children's memories.


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