Monday, June 8, 2020

Where to buy cheap books in Malaysia?

Before kids, 3-day weekends meant marathoning the Walking Dead and eating KFC-pizza-McDonalds in rotation with no pants on.

But now that we have kids... you get the idea. As a bookworm myself, it would mean a lot if my children also loved books (ahem, no pressure, kids) and thanks to Beauty and the Beast circa 1991, all my dream homes have libraries because I love the satisfying feeling of looking at all the books that I love arranged neatly in a row.

In Malaysia if you're looking for lots of kids books at an inexpensive price, then the best place to shop is the annual Big Bad Wolf sale. But let's be realistic, there is no way I'm hauling two babies into a book fair with questionable toilet hygiene.

So now I just buy my sporadic book haul from Bookxcess (who are also the Big Bad Wolf organisers) and now I have the books delivered to me; no more traffic jam or lining up.

bookxcess books cheap malaysia

Books for the kids; everything in this photo cost RM328.30 (baby not included)

bookxcess books cheap malaysia

Books for me; everything in this photo cost RM116.30

bookxcess books cheap malaysia

I also got myself a Rocket building kit! (Cost RM24.90)

bookxcess books cheap malaysia


bookxcess books cheap malaysia

That's it?

Lame; the rocket manual tells you that you need to get extra stuff from around your house to build your rocket so in the end I just put everything back in the box. I guess it's going into the donation pile but it was a good 15 minutes spent with Jubilee while we pretended we were going to build a rocket!

OK, so I will stick to book purchases instead of building kits next time. I am secretly looking forward to when the kids are big enough to build Gundam robots with me. We are going to have a whole shelf full of Gundam robots in between our big book shelf!

That's right, I am experiencing my second childhood now! Which means when I'm an 80 year old grandma I get to experience my third childhood with my grandkids! I have life all figured out now.

(Speaking of which yesterday I filled in a form and rounded up my age to 36 since it's my birthday month. OMG you guys I am 36 years old.)

best cake malaysia whip up kl

Cake by the amazing Tee from Whip Up KL. He is officially my favourite baker in the whole universe and he will be making all our cakes until our teeth fall out (touch wood).

In other news, we also celebrated Aiza our helper's birthday this weekend. Apparently we have become legendary bosses because we take our maid on holidays and Christmas buffets but that's because she is helping us handle the domestic stuff so we can handle the money stuff; shouldn't we celebrate the teamwork?

Aiza is a good girl too and I'm so amazed by how tough and positive she is; she has been with us for less than a year and already used her salary to build a house in Mindanao. Dude. I can't even save up enough money for renovation in one year...

Anyway it's past 10pm and I'm really tired today because I thought it would be a good idea to offer to review people's CVs for free as Covid-19 has caused a serious wave of retenchment. I am tired but I don't regret it, as long as people keep sending me their CV I'll keep giving them feedback.

jp associates

I am also tired because I'm excited. Finally, the babies will experience their first day of daycare/kindy tomorrow... I am going to load the car with pillows, blankets, towels and etc now.


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