Wednesday, July 8, 2020

How to Renew Driving License in Malaysia

I renewed my driver's license 5 years ago and it finally expired this month, so I was relieved to find out that renewing the driver license in Malaysia is still the same, still super simple and fast - everything was done in 15 minutes.

Driving License in Malaysia

You will need:

  • Money 
  • Your current driver's license
  • Your identification card 

Driving License in Malaysia

Driving License in Malaysia


1. Head to Pos Malaysia Bangsar (I like this branch because there's not many people, but any post office without many people will do)
2. Take a number as soon as you get in. Choose the option to renew your driver's license
3. Sit down and wait, scroll social media
4. Head to the counter when your number is called. Submit your old driver's license and your identification card.
5. I paid RM152 to renew for 5 years, which means it costs RM30.40 per year to own a driver's license in Malaysia.
6. Just stand by the counter, your new driver's license will be ready in 30 seconds.
7. Walk over to Bangsar Village and buy yourself a cup of bubble tea and some chocolate macaroons to celebrate having a new driver's license.

On a side note: It's 830pm right now. I am going back to do some work after this before bedtime because business is picking up. I also finished many things these past 24 hours.

I finished reading the new Suzanne Collins Hunger Games book and I completed My Mister korean drama on Netflix. I like it when I finish what I start, let's go experience more things tomorrow!


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