Wednesday, July 1, 2020

It's my 36th birthday!

black pink box

Kids, when you reach 36 years old you would have understood and accepted the difference between your persona and who you really are. My persona is bubbly, outgoing and loud but I really am an introvert who just wants to stay under covers all day with books to read - which is why my ideal birthday celebration is in bed, under covers all day with books to read - but because this year's birthday was on a Tuesday, I went to work.

And I found this adorable little pink box on the table!

It turns out, Jeffrey filled a whole box with our photos from the past 7 years ago as my birthday present. And by Jeffrey, I mean he envisioned and selected the photographs while Crystal did the actual work. But I love it and the kids love it sooooo much too. It's going to be a family heirloom.

Yes, and I'm also not keen on birthday presents. I mean, when you're 36 years old, you just go out and buy something if you want it, right?

fresh cream strawberry cake

2 hours later, the kids at work surprised me with the World's Most Delicious Fresh Cream Strawberry Cake.

black market KL

black market KL

black market KL

black market KL

black market KL

1 hour after that, we were at Black Market KL having the Most Extravagant Lunch Ever. OK, if I was going to take a 2 hour birthday lunch, I'm glad it was with these people.

swarovski swan necklace

Then just before I packed up to go pick up the kids, a dear family friend surprised us at the office and gifted me with his. Dudes came all to way to our office, past the security guards and everything just to give me a RM500 Swarovski necklace.

And also because I couldn't help but post birthday-related photos on my instagram, a few friends started messaging me and making plans for birthday catch up too.

Life can't be that bad if you reach 36 years old and people still want to take you out for lunch.

baskin robbins malaysia ice cream cake

Then on the way home, we dropped by Baskin Robbins so Jubilee could pick out mommy's birthday cake. She ate all the topping decorations and I wasn't even mad, I was super impressed. Where do all her calories go?

melissa pink boots children

I also surprised her with pink Melissa boots that were 50% off ... which I purchased at the brick and mortar shop, I had to line up, take my temperature and walk 10 minutes to get to the shop...

Finally, my birthday present for myself arrived today! (this purchase was made before I swore off online shopping).

the magic mindset journal RM borders

the magic mindset journal RM borders

the magic mindset journal RM borders

the magic mindset journal RM borders

the magic mindset journal RM borders

It's a Mindset Journal which is basically you writing to yourself to sort out all your thoughts and feelings in a creative but logical way. I bought it from Borders via Shopee for around RM60.

And finally...

I unpacked the children's bags and found their artwork for my birthday. It makes me happy and I'm going to hold on to it FOREVER or at least it disintegrates into the abyss.

For a day where I didn't expect anything to happen, it was very eventful and I was very, very, very happy on my birthday.


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