Monday, July 27, 2020

Memento Mori Memento Vivere

What busy days! Full of laughing and stress and worry then laughter and joy again.

Memento Mori Memento Vivere

I try to wear these two bracelets all the time, because now that I am an old lady, Stoicism is so interesting and meaningful to me.

Memento Mori - Remember to die. Remember you will die, so live every day well. It reminds me not to take to heart all the petty things in life, to try to be kind as often as I can. Even if I fail to be kind this second, I will try to be kind the next second. Because at the root of it all, if you leave this world just a little bit better because you were born then you would have done a good job of living. Remember that you will die.

Memento Vivere - Remember to live. There is a trope in Korean dramas where when the heroine/hero goes through a hard time, they will eat a big bowl of rice (sometimes badly cooked rice). They will eat the rice well with tears streaming down their face and laugh heartily, telling themselves that even at their lowest they will live well and eat well. Every time I remember to live, I remember to be present in my current life. I am 36 now and will only be 36 for another 300 days. 2020 will never come again, will I live it in fear or will I squeeze every single experience that I can from this life? I will eat the best food I can, feel everything I can so when my time comes I can say alright, I am full.

My daughter who adores me wants to do everything like me, and she asked to wear one of my bracelets for a day so of course I said OK (although I said it fearfully as these things are handmade and expensive! I bought it from Etsy in the US).

Remember to die, remember to live. Don't live in a dream day to day, OK? Good night dear reader.


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