Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Our first company billboard

Our first company billboard was FREE. For 3 weeks, JP Associates' very first advert was displayed across Jalan Tun Razak, LDP, Federal Highway and 24 Caltex locations thanks to Brandlah's Covid-19 initiative to support local SMEs in Malaysia.

Two Saturdays ago we took our oldest kid to go look at the digital billboard because the team thought it would be a cool idea to have our faces on the advert.

That's the Tun Razak Exchange Tower!

It was SO SURREAL to see the advertisement - this small company that was built on an intuition, that has grown so quietly and organically that I still look over my shoulder wondering if someone will tell us that we are not allowed to have this much fun doing anything we want.

My favourite experience was when the Caltex uncle came up to me while I was pumping petrol. He asked if that was my face on the petrol station's digital billboard and I said yes - feeling fabulous, even without makeup in my shorts and t-shirt. I will be so sad to see the advertisement go!

In case you're wondering how much it costs to advertise on a digital billboard for a month :

3 locations = RM16,854 (RM189/day)
5 locations = RM31,694 (RM213/day)
30 locations = RM65,826 (RM74/day)

As for my oldest kid, she is really only 4 years old so she's not that impressed that mom and dad is on the digital billboard, even if it is on display for millions of Malaysians who drive pass every day. But I am glad our friends and family are especially proud of us, which gives me courage to think that yes, maybe I should feel a little proud of setting up this scrappy little recruitment machine.

We ended the morning with dim sum at Oriental Jaya 33; the dim sum still tastes great after all these years! But I missed my baby boy so I guess from now on the 4 of us will travel everywhere together as we go on more family outings. Do you run a business to make your family proud? It has never been a top priority for me at all but it is a nice bonus. Let's enjoy it for this moment, tomorrow we will get back to work.

Good night!


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