Thursday, July 2, 2020

Shoe Tower Box Review (Shopee Purchase Review)

Jeffrey has a penchant for buying lots and lots of shoes. Blue shoes, black shoes, shoes with steel covering, shoes with mesh, shoes with soft heels and shoes without heels.

I have 2 sneakers, 1 heel and 1 slippers.

But to each his own, OK! I am still the overall shopping queen of the house, I think. Probably.

So because our house is in pre-renovation stage and we don't have a proper shoe cabinet, it's been super annoying me that the shoes are all over the place, stacked on top above around each other... and then the children's little shoes get wedged between the adult shoes. Sigh. When you are not the one in charge of keeping your household clean, this is what happens.

One fine day on instagram I came across shoe towers being sold in Mid Valley by this shop called Showcase. It looked so cool! It's revolutionary!!!

But it cost RM249 for 6 boxes and I definitely need more than 6 boxes. Realistically I probably need 30 boxes...

Shoe Tower Box Review (Shopee Purchase Review)

So here is a cheaper version I found on Shopee; where it roughly comes up to RM149.30 for 6 boxes instead. Obviously the Showcase shop would have better quality shoe towers as it should be because it's meant to house expensive designer collectible sneakers whereas my shoe boxes are meant to house random shoes my husband purchased from China.

Shoe Tower Box Review (Shopee Purchase Review)

I must say it was packaged well and delivery was via DHL, so very good.

It was a fun 5 minute session where everyone in the family including the kids pitched in to construct the box and Jubilee even helped to keep daddy's shoes in the box. I was so super proud.

I will update this post again when we have the full collection of shoes up! I only ordered 10 boxes this round because I wanted to see if it was a viable solution. I think it'll look great!

That's it. Super short post today because I am so exceptionally tired. We took the intern to TRX class yesterday and I think I may have overworked myself to overly impress him (he wasn't impressed) and because he's skinny, lanky and doesn't exercise I wasn't hoping he would keel over out of exhaustion (he didn't). So I am just one really tired, sleepy 36 year old broad. Good night.

Updated on 4th July:

Shoe Tower Box Review (Shopee Purchase Review)

Final update on 7 July 2020:

Shoe Tower Box Review (Shopee Purchase Review)


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