Monday, July 6, 2020

Today I only slept 2 hours (more ShuShu&Sassy products)

Good evening everyone

I am sooooo sleepy today because yesterday I somehow slept 2+ hours during the day and then suddenly couldn't sleep at night. Also, I was busy watching the korean drama My Mister on Netflix. It is awesome and if you like the Parasite Movie then you definitely should watch My Mister.

So I slept at around 4 something in the morning and quietly, secretly went through my busy Monday without confessing to anybody that I didn't really sleep...

shushu&sassy ear rings

Wearing ShuShu&Sassy sticker ear rings to work today. The adhesive is very strong! I already washed my hair and it's still stuck to my ear.

How am I already 36 years old but still so naughty? Anyway tonight I will sleep at around 9... probably pass out by 10pm.

The kindness of online strangers

shushu&sassy sticker

Jubilee really loves ShuShu&Sassy products and just-for-fun I tagged my friend on Instagram about it, this resulted in her gifting so many beautiful, posh freebies for Jubilee! She had so much fun counting and re-counting, stacking and re-stacking all her treasures during dinner.

Thank you so much, we will care and admire and use all the products well.

The kindness of an old friend 

My dear friend insisted on buying me lunch for my birthday. So he introduced me to this restaurant called ALI YAA at Damansara Heights which I highly recommend. Everything was so delicious including the eggplant and ladies fingers (both vegetables which I was too polite to tell him that I don't really like to eat). Both of us couldn't finish the whole spread so I brought it home and it was completely eaten up in less than 20 minutes.

The service was really, really good, too. We didn't really like the Masala Tea and when we told the waiter, he offered to let us try another drink but we were too full. So he did not include the tea in the final bill, which was really nice of him. The total came up to around RM180.

Highly recommended restaurant!

ali yaa damansara heights restaurant

My favourite thing that happened yesterday was that I got to sleep with Jubilee. I enjoyed it very much and look forward to more girl nights in while we wear face masks and I let her paint messy nails on me.

Gooooood night. I am going try to complete My Mister series before I blackout. 


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